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    I have been driving a nice near-mint 2010 Sprint Pre for a few weeks and after picking up one of my old Franken Pre2s decided it was time to build a new one. I had a nice donor ROW Pre2, so I swapped the active Sprint modem and back from the Sprint Pre and ran the metadocotor. You know the drill, that's all routine. The only problem with this nice GSM donor Pre2 (aside from the janky screen protector that needs to come off!) was the volume down button didn't work (I knew that going in, but wanted to check the phone for overall stability before doing more. I was playing around with some of my older hardware and decided to try something new - swapping a slider with a good volume ribbon onto a Pre+ that the ribbon had broken off after one too many modem swaps. It turned out to be way easier than I thought or the instructions made it sound, so I got the idea to swap the slider from the Sprint Pre I had been using onto my new Franken Pre2. Well, here is the result - the most Sprint-like Franken Pre2 yet, complete with orange alt keys and Sprint logo on the mirror:
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    Nice! You probably have the only one in existence. How's the fit of the two halves?
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    The fit is perfect (even if the slider itself is slightly loose at the top). The sliders are physically* interchangeable between all Pre/Pre+/Pre2 models. Because of the different filler piece above the mirror on the Pre2, I didn't think that was the case, but the mirror tabs are identical and lock in the same way. I actually put the Pre2 slider on the Pre to keep the motherboard from getting damaged.

    *I do wonder about the cameras.. I have noticed the numbers stamped on the board are not all the same, and the camera isn't working at the moment. That board is also swappable, but it's stuck on with strong adhesive so care has to be taken not to damage it.

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    The camera definitely isn't gonna work. I am not too concerned about it at this point, because the Pre doesn't take very good pics anyway, but I would like to make it work eventually. I've got enough Pre2s around here that I should have one with a good volume ribbon.

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    Nice work! I prefer this style myself, but I ruined that chassis one Franken incarnation previous to this current one. How odd was it using 1.45 for a while on the Pre? I barely remember the days of the green dialpad screen...memories...

    I have considered starting from scratch like this, but I am giving this Gs4 a chance, actually replying on it right now. If this works for me as a micro tablet, I'll carry it and the Veer for a while, and see if it feels like a move forward or not.

    So I'm telling myself I'm not moving up to a larger phone, I'm actually moving to a smaller phone and a smaller tablet.

    P.s. The Pre2 Has a better res camera I think. Double check that. Be careful with those two ribbons that lock in. They tear so easy. The MB swap wasn't too terrible from way I remember. I think I posted pics and a thread for that surgical episode.
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    Using 1.4.5 was certainly a throwback! Overall it isn't missing too much stuff - spellcheck is the biggest thing.

    I don't think the camera on the Pre2 was any better, but there must have been something different about it. I'll look through what I have and compare the numbers on them. I know I have some Pre2 boards with bad keyboards, so I'll grab it from one of those. I have swapped that board a before on some parts phones as a test, but not on something I planned on using.

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    I have more phones to check, but so far I haven't found much consistency in the camera board numbers.. I tested the ATT Pre+ that I installed the slider assembly from a different Sprint Pre, and the camera works fine on that phone.
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    GSM arena reports 3.15 megapixel vs 5mp on the pre2. Both stink compared to iphone etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    GSM arena reports 3.15 megapixel vs 5mp on the pre2. Both stink compared to iphone etc.
    Interesting.. If they are different, I'm sure I knew at one time. Perhaps the change was from the Pre+ to the PreČ, since the Pre camera worked in a Pre+. Edit: according to phonearena, the change was with the PreČ, and the Pre and Pre+ have the same camera specs. I guess we can call it confirmed. You're right though - it's just 2 more megapixels of sucky picture quality.

    I just finished installing the camera board from another PreČ, and the camera works now. I only put in enough screws to power it up and test the camera, so now I need to power back down and put the rest of the slider screws in and button everything back up.

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    I reactivated this phone over the weekend, and unfortunately, something is wrong with it. It kept losing signal or data, and then the phone would go completely offline. I moved the radio to a Sprint Pre and confirmed it is still good, so then I moved it back to my Pre2 that I used from August '15 - January '16 when I bought the Nexus 5X. It is still working great! Keyboard could use some love to fix the keys that require excessive pressure to work, but I'm having a blast using it on EVDO.. Who needs LTE?! LOL
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    Glad you're still plugging along on Sprint. I just took my Veer out of airplane mode for the first time in a minute. Sprint ended their integration with Google Voice a while back so it doesn't link to my main Sprint number (now Android) anymore. But it's working. That's something.

    I still have my tablet, Veer, and Pre3; all bedside table decor more than anything now. They all look like new still.

    I wish someone would write a new Doctor for all of them. The paranoia of infringing on the code must be dead by now. Black market webOS. Anyone?
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