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    Last time it was a hot tub.

    I felt the lump in my pocket, then the lump in my throat as i realized my phone was in my swim shorts. I pulled the phone out and immediately removed the battery. Put it in rice for the rest of the weekend, and when i got home installed a new battery. Everything was fine!

    That was a few years ago, and that FrankenPre2 had since fallen on pavement and was rebuilt... Into the FrankenPre2 i accidentally put in the washing machine yesterday...

    I was on a call, using my BT headset, when i decided i should throw in a batch of laundry. I put the phone on top of the clothes as i opened the door to go down to the basement laundry area.

    It was while putting clothes into the filling washer, that the call faded out. I knew immediately what I'd done. I shut the water off and started reaching into the tub, and pulled out the little phone. I immediately pulled the battery and dried it with towels.

    For the next 30 mins, i put it on the a/c vent so air would blow through the device. Then i ransacked the kitchen. Rice! Into the bag it went. 4 hours later, i checked it. No power on with battery, no power with usb cable. It seemed dead. Back in the rice it went overnight.

    8 hours later, i tried again. New battery, plugged in, pressed power. Penguin!! It booted!

    At first it would not recognize the TStone. I swapped another battery cover. It charged! But then the screen seemed wonky. I swapped another, and rebooted.

    So far, it's played Apollo straight 4 hours, passed all built in tests including audio, power, touch, and screen.

    The screen now has an inkblot test-shaped shadow to it. It's only noticeable when the screen is viewed at an angle. I suspect the layers between the glass and the LED panel got separated a little. But straight on, the screen looks perfect.

    The keyboard is missing occasionally, but all keys work. That's easy, if i want to swap another keyboard rubber under-pad. I have those! The screen, id need another donor for that.

    Only one mysterious power-down so far, just found it off in my pocket. So it may still be unreliable. But wow!! What a tough little phone. And people wonder why i love it.

    New phones don't let you remove the battery. GUESS WHY!?! Every rice rescue like this is a lost sale. Screw you, telecoms and electronics makers!!! This same CDMA modem module has now been in 3 of my FrankenPre2s since it's removal from the donor (TJs7thPre), and submerged TWICE! HAH!!

    Once again, I'm impressed by the exceptional design and engineering from the original webOS team. Where are these people now?? Ugh such potential. To think they made the best phone no one ever really knew.

    Except us of course. Glad i could share my story with you.

    Long live webOS!
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    So it's been three weeks since my Pre2 took a swim.

    Since, it's powered down unexpectedly in my pocket twice. And, the keyboard is slightly less responsive, just enough to increase my typo count from zero to many. It's now as frustrating to type as this Android tablet.

    So yesterday was the first day i carried a Samsung Galaxy S4. Decent quality hardware, not ridiculously large, but barely pocket sized. Well, it was nice to have everything working without any hitches. Web surfing, taking stellar pictures, battery lasting all day... Making calls over wifi because it's not even on network yet. Very competent device, running marshmallow. But jeez, i thought Duarte was improving UI/UX!?! A lot of improvements could be made...(think: webOS forward swipe: what's Android's equivalent?)


    Sooooo... My new game plan is under construction. I'm going to retire the FrankenPre2. (Sob) I'm going to port my Sprint number to the GS4, and carry it and my Veer (on t-mo).

    The GS4 will act as my mini-tablet, replacing this Nexus7. The Veer will allow me to continue using Pandora on webOS, and Freetether if i need an alternative to Sprint LTE, which is a huge upgrade for data for me.

    Fortunately the Veer is so tiny i won't notice I'm carrying two phones. But it's just not competent enough to rely on solo. It's designed to be a partner device. If only we could NFC between it and Android.

    Now i need to research if i can put TStone technology into the GS4. It does have swappable batteries. And if only there was a webOS themed launcher. The one i reviewed here years ago is NLA.

    Sad days... I almost wish the phone went completely belly-up, so i wouldn't feel like I'm abandoning it. I'll keep it as my bedroom Pandora player, but once i cut Sprint service to it, i know it'll act wonky being on wifi only. It doesn't like being separated from the network.

    Good little phone, this ol' Pre2. I feel like I'm taking the dog to be put down. That's life though, right.

    I WILL use it through September though. Because one year ago i made a bet I'd still be using it. And it IS working. We'll stick together, win that six-pack of Guinness, and we'll drink it the day i port over.
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    My condolences, live long WebOS hardware.
    Yes, that is a Britten super bike.
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    I know these are from an iDevice repair place, but it should apply to any mobile electronic device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by George Mari View Post
    Water Damage Repair--Best Practices? | iPad Rehab

    Rice Rant | iPad Rehab

    I know these are from an iDevice repair place, but it should apply to any mobile electronic device.
    Did you visit the site you just suggested?

    Their service for water damage is $300 for data recovery only, with no guarantee of a functional phone.

    My device is WORKING, 99%! i could keep using this and it would be no more annoying than this tablet i web surf with daily, which sucks simply because it's Android.

    I could also buy a brand new Pre2 for less than a third of that, and build another FrankenPre with my fully functional cdma board that is apparently tougher than nails, lasting through 3 previous builds with two water submersions, plus it's life in the original host!

    No, no. Its no longer practical to rebuild and carry this phone daily. I have to be reasonable. Plus, the GS4 is a free gift and comes with 2 spare batteries plus external charger.

    And I've just been reading how to make it work on a Touchstone. I'm doing it asap.

    But i appreciate your concern. Thanks!
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Of course I read it - I don't post links to things I don't read.

    Just pointing out that rice isn't all that great a drying agent, and the strange behavior (random power down) is probably water damage / corrosion. That's what the article points out.

    I wasn't suggesting you pay to have your Pre2 fixed - they only fix iDevices anyway.

    Just trying to forward some info for a better understanding of what's going on.

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