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    So, those of you who are out here know my Palm Pre 2 and I have had a rocky road the last few weeks.

    I did end up buying a new Palm Pre 2, but it is WebOS 2.0.1. Makes calls and everything, but I had 2.2.4 before and, well, I miss things like Exhibition with the agenda and the ability to store ##21# (AA&T stop forwarding calls command) in my contacts and maps that work.

    I have been reading up on the upgrades and there is always a reference to Meta Doctor. I can't really find one that talks about 2.0.1 to 2.2.4 and I can't find Meta Doctor.

    Reading what you do with Meta Doctor makes me think I don't really need it. That being said, I am also reading the warnings and I am wondering if the WebOS Doctor that I have might have been meta doctored thereby causing my current situation of not being able to boot.

    Now, if I have two Palm Pre's and can't use either one, I will be reduced to never leaving my house and binge watching Law and Order, so I don't want to go there.... but I want to be back to whole -- and the new phone, the keyboard does work a whole lot better than the other phone.

    I am trying to locate another download of WebOSDoctor for 2.2.4 to see if there is any impact on the phone that, for all intents and purposes, is bricked right now.

    Any thoughts from you guys who have been around for a while.... BTW - I owe lots of dinners or beers to all of you... If you are ever anywhere and see a short, pudgy red head using a Palm Pre.. say hello, there can't be many of us matching that description, and dinner is on me!!
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    Is it verizon? I have a doctor I can share. If not then the doctor is already public. Check

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Morford View Post
    Is it verizon? I have a doctor I can share. If not then the doctor is already public. Check

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    It is AT&T.

    Thanks for the website!!! That is gold!!!!

    Google searches have never given me this.... it is truly awesome.
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    So... I am going to download from there just to try on the bricked palm....

    When it comes to upgrades from 2.0.1 to 2.2.4, can I just run the 2.2.4 doctor on that Palm to upgrade. It almost doesn't seem real that it could be that easy, since everything else has seemed so complicated.
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    hhhhmmmm... it is still downloading, but is bigger than the file I have now... can't wait to try this on the brick and see what happens!!!!
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    It really is that easy. Before you run it though, find an md5 tool to validate the file, just to make sure it's okay.
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    Or just run it.

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    I might be late, but yeah just run the dr. It will just fail if it doesn't have all ducks in a row.

    224 is definitely worth the time, and doctors can cure a lot. Bear in mind many times it requires more than one attempt. Be patient and follow through, and hopefully you'll get lucky.

    Interested to hear how it goes...
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    ok... well... the first dr I downloaded wouldn't even launch, the file was corrupted and for some reason, my download speed is super slow today... (good idea to reference a checksum tool!!) so, here is the plan...

    1 - try a new doctor on the bricked pre, because, after all, what can it hurt (and yes, I know some of you think it isn't bricked, but, if I can't get past the flashing HP, as far as I am concerned, it is a brick)

    2- if it works there, then I will upgrade the other and be a happy owner of 2 working Palm Pre 2.

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    I should have stuck to my plan....

    The bricked phone is still bricked...just that HP logo flashing at me, but after about 15 flashes, it stutters and goes back...

    So, I got greedy and the palm on 2.0.1, I decided to Doctor to 2.2.4 and it has been stuck at 48% for over twn minutes.... to say that I am sweating bullets is an understatement.

    Someone said something about looks like that requires the SDK first... does anyone know where I can get that?
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    so, while I was typing... the webdoctor finished.... long time with just that HP logo and no flashing... panic setting in... because this one is flashing for a long time....

    But... it is on and running... and I am breathing again!!!

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