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    I have a pair of Pre 2s that I still like to use as backup phones and general utility devices. Life on the touchstone seems to have worn out the battery of one of them. Ebay is crawling with OEM Palm batteries... which must be getting to be 5+ years old now. I'm wondering if that's it, or if there are fresher batteries out there someplace... are there any aftermarket cells that will do the job and be fresher than OEM?
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    I doubt it but try not to worry too much about new old stock. Here's why...

    I bought a pair of batteries on eBay a long time ago. One of them got left in a suitcase shortly after. I didn't even know it until I found it in there after several years. I put it on the charger and it showed full. Huh? So I put it in the phone, it showed 100% charge and 96% health according to my battery Dr app. The other battery, along with all my others is down to only 50% health. So it's my best battery now.

    All these batteries were produced years ago. If this one can still show 96% health, other unused ones should too.
    So as long as it's new I think it should be OK.

    I prefer the black ones that only say Palm, NOT the grey labeled ones with the hologram.
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Thanks for the encouraging report. Off to ebay I go, I guess.
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    Good luck. Buy one and run it through Dr Battery. If the health is rated high, get more. And tell us where you got them!
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!

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