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    Yesterday my phone screen on my pre2 would go black whenever I made/received a phone call and wouldn't come back on unless I held down the power button. I was unable to get the screen to come on to even hang up a call or anything.
    I did a regular restart, but still had the problem, so today I did a data/application reset. When my phone came back on, it's asking me to sign in to my Palm Profile, but when I try to, it tells me to connect to my wireless service provider first.
    Did I some how cancel out my phone service? I have Page Plus (through Kitty). Does anyone have any idea what I can do? I can't even call PPW to figure out how to fix it because I can't make any calls but emergency ones.
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    HP servers are down, you have to bypass the activation:

    Bypass Activation [webOS 2.x] | webOS Nation
    HP Veer - Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Sony Xperia Z1 Compact - Lenovo ZUK Z2

    WebOS developers are awesome!
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    It reads as though you were unaware that the servers were closing, so I guess you did not back up your apps and data.
    All though HP gave plenty of notice (and missed their own closing deadline by a month), I'm afraid the original notice only went to app developers.

    HP to Shut Down Catalog and Cloud Services
    Closing Down Sale
    Día de los Muertos: webOS
    HP keeps the servers open for another two months
    Over and Out…

    There are other sources of apps - like the 'Apps' link at the top of this page. The App Gallery can also be accessed on device with Preware.
    Guide: Coming (Back) to webOS in 2014, Part 1 | pivotCE

    Preware Websearch: Bye Bye App Catalog, Hello Preware Catalog

    We're attempting to get more of the former App catalog apps transfered over.

    Some tips on manual back up:

    There is more information in the links below.
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    Thank you. I had no idea about the servers closing. I never bothered with apps, mostly because the downloads would usually fail.
    I was able to get back into my phone through the DEVMODE, haven't yet finished the bypass activation process. I'm limited by not having internet at home.

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