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    TLDR: I got my pre 2 out of storage, got a bluetooth adapter and am using it as a car mp3 player.

    I haven't used my pre2 as a real phone in a long time. But its an old frakenpre2 I used on Sprint and just never found it possible to sell it.

    So I dug it out, put back on my seidio extended battery and purchased a bluetooth auxiliary transmitter for my car.

    My car has that aux plug that looks like a headphone jack that I had used before, but I hated another wire on the phone and the pre2 has the buggy headphone jack issue if you move it, it would cut out/pause music. My car had no direct bluetooth to connect music wireless, so I figured I'd give it a shot buying the adapter. (Car is a 2009, surely newer ones have bluetooth audio built in. My bluetooth only allows for phone calls on the car).

    I purchased this device because I liked how small it was.
    Bluetooth Music Streaming 3 5mm Stereo Home Car Wireless Audio Receiver Adapter | eBay

    I then sync'd it with my pre 2 and it works great so far. I have a dual usb charger and 1 wire charges the bluetooth unit so its always got juice and the other is for when I need to charge the phone.

    Using the music remix app I am able to load up the shuffle feature and use the keyboard to pause and skip tracks without looking at the device.

    When I exit my car I simply pause the music if its the end of the day to save the phone from dying overnight and the bluetooth unit keeps the battery charge it had earily thru overnight, so the next time I drive it still is sync'd with the phone and the bluetooth device gets juiced up again once I start driving again.

    In the morning simply unpausing the music starts it back up and I am set.

    Its great to use this device again for something, as I always missed it. Now I have a great little 16gb mp3 player.

    -As a side note I could do this with my Android phone I currently use daily, but I like having the keyboard that I can easily switch tracks with. 16gb isn't as good as my 64gb on my android phone, but I eliminated the pre2 down the "favs" only playlist is a great setup for me.
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    With my built in BT in the car once the car is turned of Music Remix pauses and once the car is started back up and phone connected to the car it resumes automatically. I believe this is how it works on all platforms and it's more of BT protocol thing.
    Maybe your BT dongle have a battery and never turns off hence not sending signal to the phone.

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    Yes the BT dongle has a battery. I'd have to manually turn it off and on which I want to avoid. So far it's between working great.
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    how's your battery life using it purely for BT streaming?
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    It seems pretty good. I have the screen brightness all the way down and phone radio off with patches. I mostly have been keeping it plugged in though. Being I have the seidio extended battery I'm set. Just wish the phone was 32gb+

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