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    First of all, apologies if I started a thread I should not have.
    I just got a Pre2 3 days ago, my first webOS device, and I am struggling to get anything going on.

    I´m trying to install Preware, but I can´t find webOS Doctor, WebOS Quick Install, nor the SDK, and it seems that I need at least one of them to do so.

    Do I have any way left to install Preware?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Start here: Guide: Coming (Back) to webOS in 2014, Part 1 | pivotCE

    Then ask away!
    This space for rent or lease. Inquire within.
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    Thanks a lot!
    So far so good.
    I guess that the "GlobalSign SSL Update" is the same one found here GlobalSign root certificate updater | webOS Nation (The link in the PivotCE is broken)

    Thanks again
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    Yes, you are correct. Thanks for the spot. Grabber5.0 has since updated and moved it to the app gallery. I've updated the link.

    Now this:
    Guide: Saving Apps From The App Catalog Part 1: nodeleteipk patch | pivotCE

    Start downloading those apps like there's no tomorrow... because there isn't!

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