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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregregore View Post
    I thought we had another month to use the app calatogue? I went to download Spotify and was unable to install it (but not download, apparently). If this is the case, anyone have the Spotify and Netflix .ipks?
    I'll see about that spotify IPK this weekend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregregore View Post
    Indeed! I at least got all activated. When I get home today I'll do my patching and try to get GMail working again. Once I get this phone fully set up (just need working email, really) I'll get the 3.

    Can someone confirm that the Preware Spotify still functions? The one in the app catalogue.
    Can you just not download spotify or no apps at all from the catalog?

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    Have you updated the app catalogue certificate?

    webOS Service Pack
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    I could download other things, but Spotify itself wasn't loading and just hung. I got it, though. Like I said, must needed a restart or maybe the 200MhZ Uber gave me turned the long load down some.

    I thought I had heard of a Netflix app, but it's just for queueing.
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    Is there a double-tap space for period patch? Haven't found one and that would be endlessly useful to me as I'm still hitting space twice to make one.

    When, oh when, will my posts no longer need to be passed by a moderator?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregregore View Post
    When, oh when, will my posts no longer need to be passed by a moderator?
    I believe the limit was set at 10 due to spammers. You should be fine now that you are past that point. If I see your posts still getting held, I'll adjust your account.
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    Thanks man! Patience is a virtue ha ha.

    I'm going to Barnes and Noble to pick up some new books. Any recommendations as far as books on coding go? This is all really interesting and I feel like I'd be able to get in to it.

    Also picking up the Foundation series
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    It's probably mostly O'Reilly publications:
    O'Reilly Search: palm webos

    Bear in mind that these are likely outdated. The mojo framework is proprietary, but the opinon is that it could be added into LuneOS. Enyo is still maintained, built in and cross-platform. "Enyo: Up and Running" by Roy Sutton recently had it's second edition published.
    O'Reilly Search: Enyo

    Enyo website

    The status report below lists some online resources.
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    The Foundation series are great books!
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    What is Enyo, exactly? What does downloading the app for it allow me to do?
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    Enyo (2) is a cross platform, cross screensize, cross browser Javascript development platform. It works on all modern (and some not so modern) browsers. Basically you can use Enyo 2 to develop an app and use the same app on multiple devices (webOS, PC, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone).

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    Most things work but the occasional minor thing is broken ('like the app catalog...) but it is a great platform for everyone

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