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    I have a pre 2 and I did the skip first use, but I want to add my palm profile. How would I do that?
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    With Impostah, an app which you can download via preware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwidion View Post
    With Impostah, an app which you can download via preware.
    I've tried that, but it still says it's under Dr. Skipped Firstuse.
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    It won't rename the account after you log in, but it still logs you in. I've used a luna-send query to rename it before, which worked fine.
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    As long as when you query the palm profile tab in imoostah, you see the palm id and email, you are good to go. Confirm you are have app cat access in its own tab as well. Don't worry what it says in the accounts app. App not impostah tab
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    Thanks everyone! It works.

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