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    Hi, like always I am seeking the help of those who know better than me, I just bought a new Jabra Bluetooth ear piece, called easy go, the pairing goes great with my Pre 2 but I am not able to listen to the conversation, it hangs up the call and initiates it easily but the voice doesn't reach, is it a compatibility issue? I was able to use the piece on my friend's android and after he paired it with his phone the Bluetooth piece paired and worked well on my Pre 2 and when I restarted my phone it was back to the voice blocking, any help would be appreciated.

    to note that my Pre 2 shows the headset logo next to the device in the Bluetooth preferences while when I paired it with my veer it showed the Bluetooth as well as a musical key logo, yet the same problem persisted with the veer, when I called support at the virgin megastore they said I must allow more permission to the headset so that it can access my pre2!!
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    The difference in icons is a result of changes in the BT that came with 2.24. Your veer must still be at 2.12.

    On 224 you'll only see one icon. There ARE permission switches in there for access to contacts, but that's usually when pairing to something that will dial calls like an in car display. Can't hurt to switch them both on though.

    Now, even though there is only one icon that lights upon pairing, my stereo headset makes two chimes when it connects properly, and only one chime if either the voice or music failed to pair. I'll switch the headset and bt back off then retry and it usually gives two beeps the second try.

    There's different generations of BT. I assume new is backwards compatible but not sure. You may want to confirm that's not your issue just to rule it out.

    You can also try installing Audio Switcher from Preware and view that the phone IS switching from handset speaker to BT output.

    Finally when I am troubleshooting I often make a call to my voice mail just to see if it will correct something as it initiates. Sometimes it does.
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    Part of 2.2.4 broke BT compatibility with a LOT of BT earpieces.

    I tried having a thread to compare notes,

    So it's hit and miss for the earpiece working right if at all.

    For some reason, the BT accessories that I had the least trouble with were the Creative stereo headsets.

    You should see my nice collection of BT earpieces that are now collecting dust as I gave up on them and go to speaker mode in the car now.

    I got a car kit that's got a lot of trouble to lock the connection down, when it works, it's great, but then I have to disconnect and reconnect (but this car kit has that trouble with a lot of other phones I've read)
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    thanks for the help, i tried shutting down then turning on the BT earpiece and it worked, but only for one call, and when i hang up, i fall back into the same problem, my old nokia blue tooth is working like a charm, but its battery is not holding anymore, so stupid turned towards a brand like jabra, that seems to be not that much of a device
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    If it's related to brand, I've been using LG hbs-700 series stereo headsets. I love them. I have several of the same one to back each other up. I Highly recommend.
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    Jabra are usually a good brand, as per my linked thread, I've tried many...

    For example, I reverted my Pre2 back to 2.1, and my Bluant V1x (an amazing piece of technology) works flawlessly, with 2.2.4, it's completely unuseable.

    The last one I got (Samsung HM3700) worked fine, but not 100% reliable, it did disconnect after a few calls, or just when it felt like it.
    Palm M105 > M130 > Zire 71 > Zire 72 >TX > Lifedrive > Pre > Pre2 >Touchpad > Pre3(8GB) > Pre3 (16GB)
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