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    Hi all

    got my BNIB Pre 2, and yes it was indeed, box still sealed

    Went to activate had issues, got on phone with no Palm profile, the phone was on I was on 2.0.0

    Called the Doctor 2.2.4 then everything started falling in to place (after a profile password reset) and a visit to Pivot CE coming back to webOS in 2014, some demonic patching thanks Matt and some Preware goodness.

    And my Gmail is still using active sync sweet

    Only problem left is APN settings for my provider Three UK, it doesn't like the blank username and password so no mobile data for me yet.

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    I have read reports of putting the word BLANK in for username. I cannot remember the specifics it applied to. Shot in the dark. Good luck.

    BRAND NEW PRE2! 2015 BABY! OH YEAH!!!!

    haha! Awesome
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    I just bought a brand new Pre 2 last week too. I forgot how much I loved this phone.
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    Strangely enough after a lot of messing around, and one row for going to bed too late from the missus later, without even putting in blank it now likes the APN!

    I did try 3internet as well but that didn't work then reverted back and it is working OK

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