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    I have this problem with my verizon pre 2 while I am on a call that requires pressing numbers. The screen will flicker on and off while I am trying to press numbers. When I am able to press the numbers either the phone is slow to input the number or it doesn't respond at all. So it's a pain in the **** if I am trying to enter my voice mail pin or I am calling an automated system. Sometimes I'm able to enter the numbers and other times I am pushing repeatedly with no luck and have to hang up.

    At first I thought it maybe caused by installing uberkernel, but I went back to original HP version and still have the same problem. I have had no luck trying to wipe the phone clean with webosdoctor. For some reason it can't connect to the phone because the novacom driver I have installed is newer than the one webosdoctor wants to install. I've doctored the phone successfully once before. WOSQI still seems to work fine though.

    This screen problem only occurs while I am on a call. All other times the touch screen works fine. Maybe it's a hardware issue.

    Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Have you tried cleaning the proximity sensor? An old, hazy screen protector can cause this as well.

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