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    Hi Guys
    just a thought I am having, I am and will remain a huge fan of palm, and with the shutdown of the servers in January I am worried in case I had to reset my Pre2, will I be able to sync my contacts again with outlook? since no accounts will be available to be created again, what will happen then, will I lose my phone forever?

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    You can continue to sync contacts but not with Palm servers. You should export your Palm contacts and import them to another service like Yahoo or Google. There are patches available to bring your Pre2 up to the latest technologies those respective companies are using that you'll need first from this forum. Anything that syncs with Palm will not work as of 15 Jan 15.
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    the solutions you seek are being discussed on this forum in various threads. particularly because solutions are being created as we speak, and fine tuned on the fly.

    the first resource to start if you wish to maintain functionality of your webOS device, is to read the PivotCE article about it. i'm pretty sure it's stickied here or just google search it. that article has links back to the webosinternals page with steps to prepare for separation from Hp servers, and to other articles with critical patches to restore synergy connections. they do require a little bit of focused work, but it's all doable by average joe's so far.

    it's not an end of all webOS devices, for sure. the services you have lost links to, most can be restored or have alternate routes. if you're willing to fight to keep your webOS device, join the resistance by catching up with your reading here. we're toughing through it so far. good luck.

    edit: look at that, there's the guy right there. click Alan's link and read the PivotCE articles. it's one of the best current resources for webOS info that's packed into this forum.
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    If you are syncing directly with a PC, I'm not familiar with the software, but if so, I don't see why it wouldn't work. If the are in your Palm profile, I recommend exporting them as Alan said, and importing into Hotmail or something and syncing with that. Hotmail is the only one that hasn't needed patched yet or alternate sync plugins on webOS to continue working. If you can live with Microsoft.

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    If your contacts are Outlook, then you can still add your Outlook account, it just won't be able to be restored from the Palm backup.
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    thanks guys for all your quick replies, in fact I am using companion link, the problem is that CL needs to have an activated palm in order to have a direct USB sync or at least to import the contacts once, so I tried today to run my palm in a dev mode, without linking to a palm account, and when I tried to launch the CL USB sync it failed to create an account, in fact it seems to need a registered device in order to create that account and launch its acitivity, this is where I am stuck now, I can now log to my palm account that is linked to the catalog , but what will it do if I needed to doctor my palm after 15/1/15?
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    If it won't work without a valid Palm Profile, then now is the time to move your contacts and calendar to a cloud provider, or you are going to be stuck if you need to reset your device after 1/15.
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    HP to Shut Down Catalog and Cloud Services | pivotCE

    I think you might be OK if you back up your tokens. If CL is a paid app, and you can re-download it, then maybe the check it makes is similar to the check made by the app catalogue that you already paid for the app. So in the event of a crisis, you reinstall the OS and add the tokens back in..? I'm sure it can't be that easy ;-)

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