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    sorry if there is a thread with this info, but i've not been able to find it.

    does anyone have a basic step-by-step (yes i know it will differ from device to device) covering everything that you MUST make sure you have done to keep your device useful before 1/15/2015 and it is too late?

    for example, here is the list of "things you won't be able to do anymore" after 1/15/2015:

    New device set-up
    Password recovery
    App Catalog app downloads
    App Catalog app updates
    App Catalog app restores
    webOS system updates (you know, if you've for whatever reason not updated in the past three years...)

    seems to me there must be homebrew solutions for all of these except maybe official commercial App Catalog stuff (unless someone is frantically working to host everything elsewhere, and providing reconfiguration instructions to get to it).

    sure hope there is info out there, because i have a pre, pre+ and 2 pre2's that i would like to be able to continue using after HP pulls the plug.
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    Puhleeze...this community has it covered. Check out the webOS discussion lounge here for your needs.
    For example:

    Also good stuff with links and info you need: pivotCE
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    I think its possible that EVERYTHING you can currently do with your phone will be replaced. I think there are projects here that cover it all, though of course, it remains to be seen if they will be completed and how 'slick' they will be.

    Be patient. pivotCE has already published articles on selecting devices and setting them up in 2014. There will be more to come.

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