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    Hi, i am an Italian user of Palm Pre2. I try to download the novacom drivers for win 32 but it's impossible for problem with dns. Please someone have the file to download or help me to find this? Thank you very much
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    I presume you're trying to download from here, or is the problem that this cannot connect to down load and install the drivers for you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pordenone Vive View Post
    Hi, i am an Italian user of Palm Pre2. I try to download the novacom drivers for win 32 but it's impossible for problem with dns. Please someone have the file to download or help me to find this? Thank you very much
    Quote Originally Posted by Pordenone Vive (via PM)
    Hi, I am <redacted> from Italy and and I use Palm Pre 2. I need the Novacom drivers for unlocked Palm Pre 2 but it's impossible to download it. Have you this files ? Please contact me on <redacted> or <redacted>. I would love to install webos doctor to install app. Thank you very much

    Sorry for any difficulties or confusion you may have experienced... it's been a frustrating time for all of us here, with many changes, and hopefully we can help a new user like yourself to feel comfortable and at home with webOS, regardless of how badly HP has been handling this current situation.

    Since not everything has been readily available and "up to date" for you to jump right in, this is a chance for us to improve how information is presented. So...

    It sounds like you want to install an app package (a file with an ".ipk" on the end). For this you'll need "webOS Quick Install", oftentimes referred to as "WOSQI", and Novacom drivers. Later, you will also use Preware to install apps without connecting to a computer.

    Before you download the files:
    Make sure you have Java version 1.6 or above, if not,
    Then, to overcome the DNS problem, please add or to your "hosts" file for The "hosts" file is located at c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc, and to edit it:

    Go to "c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc"
    ...and if you have Windows XP, right-click the "hosts" file, then click "Properties", the last option on the bottom. When "Properties" open up, uncheck the "read-only" box and click "Apply". Then open Notepad and drag the file into the Notepad window.
    If you have Windows 7, find Notepad on your Start menu and right-click, then click "Run as Administrator", and then drag the "hosts" file into Notepad.

    Copy this into the "hosts" file:
    and click "Save". If you're on XP, go back to "Properties" and set the file back to "read-only".

    Now, you should be able to download Novacom drivers without issue. The installer is here:

    Run the installer, and then download WOSQI:

    and follow the steps outlined here: It will explain how to put your phone in "Developer Mode", before you open WOSQI and connect your phone.

    When WOSQI is successfully connected to your phone, you will be able to click the "Refresh" button and see all of the app feeds. Please install Preware from the list while you're here. You can also install your app directly from the computer now, but Preware will allow you to install apps and "patches" without having to connect your phone to your computer again. Also install "Internalz Pro", it is a "file explorer" app that will also allow you to open and install app packages placed in the "USB drive" part of your phone, without using a computer.

    If you use XP, you may later decide to disable Novacom, because it will interfere with being able to connect the phone in "USB drive" mode. If necessary, i can show you how.

    And since you mentioned webOS Doctor, it's actually a repair tool for erasing and reinstalling your phone. While the files are still available, please download the correct doctor version for your Pre2.

    Unlocked European Pre2:

    I assume you have version 2.2.4 on your phone, which has a Skype app. Version 2.1.0 doesn't.

    Please ask more questions, and Good luck
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    It works, thank you very much. I love this phone
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    I was able to get this to work by pasting the following into the hosts file

    But now there are no apps or services in the WebOS quick install
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    I don't think WOSQI takes any feeds from Palm and your hosts file edit should have re-directed to

    Are you using the latest version?
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