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    Just got my Pre 2 yesterday and I'm loving the experience of the hardware and the OS.

    I got the pre for practically nothing and unlocked it using Dogbert's guide (thanks Dogbert for a great guide and for including us Linux users!) and I am on ATT go phone sim.
    I got Preware installed despite the missing domain and got a bunch of Homebrew apps installed. I used the WOSQI to set up a new HP account using wifi (another great guide for us who don't use data plans on our SIMs) and was able to access the App catalog no problem after fixing the root cert issue.

    All this in a day with the help of this great community. So just a big thank you to this community for being there in spite of a (sort of) dead OS and hardware and a belated thanks to Palm and HP for a great product. I am a former Android (too finicky and non-integrated) and IOS (too basic and non-configurable) and I thought that that was it as far as Smartphones were from now on. And then I accidentally discovered WebOS (4 years late perhaps) and what a refreshing and delightful experience. And the hardware isn't too bad either.

    I sure hope you guys can stay with it for a few more years, keep the patches going and then maybe we can switch to Open WebOS or similar and keep the WebOS thread alive.

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    Cool. We will enjoy your company
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    Hooray! New recruits!
    HP Think Beyond event link
    If You Have A WindsorNot Hit Me Up
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    Hey! Welcome aboard, champ! The more the merrier.
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    who is your carrier? non-data plan sim? must be cheap...
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    I loved my Pre3, even more than my Touchpad which i got from fire sale, I bought the pre3 of ebay cheap just to see what all the fuss was about, I loved it , except for the buggy location services that does not work in southern hemisphere (Im in Australia). But sadly due to hardware getting old, plastic case of phone cracking (bezel, back case, speaker housing). I had to let it go as my main phone. I hoping Lune.OS on android hardware will save webOS and give us cheap modern hardware.
    Would like to buy pre3 spare parts (you can't )but cant justify replaceing it with another when hardware is many years old.
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    My carrier is ATT and its a go phone. I got the pay $100 at 10 c a minute package. I rarely use my phone to make phone calls, so it will probably last me a year or more. I only need it for answering Craigslist ads and emergencies.

    I use the phone on wifi and have some essential apps that make the phone:
    - preader
    - email
    - RSS
    - Freecell
    - Youtube
    - Weather
    - light web browsing on the go

    I am amazed at how advanced the OS is and with the patches, it really makes the device shine. The form factor of the Pre 2 is also very nice - I didn't think I'd be able to live with a medium res screen after the iphone and Samsung Galaxy 3 I had before, but its very usable and even cute!

    I might get a spare backup just in case as I feel its going to be a keeper.

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    Awesome that someone can walk in here today and get their Pre2 up and running.

    Really happy about this.
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