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    I just got a new Palm Pre 2 because the old Palm Pixi Plus is having problems.
    And now, I am trying to add contacts.

    I am having trouble with Yahoo! and Google. I do not care which one I use -
    as long as I transfer my contacts to the phone, I'm happy.

    Google problem:

    I could not add the gmail account. I.e., on the "Preferences & Accounts" window, I click "Add
    an account", then click "Google". Then I entered the full gmail address & password, clicked
    "Sign in" and get "Unknown error". I know the address and password are correct since I can
    easily login on the computer. And I am NOT using 2 step verification which creates problem
    (as mentioned in other webOS forum posts). I also tried making a new gmail account and hoped
    to login - no luck - still the same "Unknown error".

    Yahoo! problem:

    So I tried using my Yahoo! account. This time I login on the phone but did I really? The phone
    goes back to the "Preferences & Accounts" window without any error message. One email in my
    Yahoo! account says I successful sync with Palm. But I fail to see any Yahoo! contacts.

    On the "Preferences & Accounts" window, I note two "ACCOUNTS", "Palm Profile" and Yahoo!. When
    I click "DEFAULT ACCOUNT" and only Palm Profile" show up (unlike on the old phone, I see two
    accounts to choose from).

    Update: I just tried rebooting the PP2. Now when I try to login my Yahoo! account I get "The
    account credentials you entered are incorrect. Try again."

    For both Google and Yahoo!, I am NOT interested their emails, just the contacts.

    I spent several hours searching this forum - only saw tips to make another gmail account and
    reboot. What workarounds do you suggest?

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    If you spent hours searching, then I hesitate to suggest this, but this patch for google?

    Yahoo here:

    and if you're new to patching,

    All from Grabber5.0!
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    Thank you for your help. At first glance I need to figure out how to install preware using my
    linux (not window or macs) boxes. I'm "brain-dead" for the night, I'll look it more tomorrow.

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    I think webOS quick install is a java program. Java is available for Linux.
    Java Downloads for All Operating Systems

    Many tweaks & improvements are available from Preware.
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    Can someone enlighten me? What is the difference between WebOSQuickInstall and Preware?
    Based on a different thread, they seem different. Are there overlap between the two? Am I correct,
    that these two programs are able to install patch?

    I have linux boxes. Would it makes any difference in what I use?

    Fyi, I am NOT a geek, but an advanced computer user.

    Thank for your help.

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    The main difference is: Preware runs on your phone/tablet while Quick Install runs on your PC/Mac. :-)

    Otherwise the fulfil the same tasks... but you need Quick Install to install Preware in the first place.
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    Actually there's a preware stand alone installer. Or used to be

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