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    I think I've already srewed you up about my pre2 that cannot make phone calls ( I tried WebOS doctor, hard reset, everything but it just doesn't work.

    And today -after leading the 'Palm flag' for nearly 11 years- i was about to give up (thinking in sell it and go for an Iphone) I've found out that logging in with another account It Works (!?). Yes after a hard reset i've logged in with a new account -just to try it- and the phone works properly !?

    So then I restarted the device again, logged in to my (real) webOS account and ... NOTHING AGAIN, the phone doesn't work. I cannot make a call!

    What Can Have a ' WebOS Account ' To Make This Happen?

    And going to the practical:
    Now that I reestablished the phone, and before configure any email account , I see there about a hundred contacts left 'in the cloud'. And will loose them if I change to the 'new' account (and txt messages, calendar, etc) .

    Besides 'patience' , is there any dynamic way to move them?

    If I configure gmail in the smartphone and start to download the other (hundreds and hundreds) contacts I will not be able to recognize where are these 100, (and I really don't have the time to look after them one by one).

    Any idea ?


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