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    Quote Originally Posted by Didge3 View Post
    By Auto brightness I meant the light sensor which most smart phones (if not all) contain to detect the light level in the room and adjust the screen brightness accordingly, I expected the Pre2 to have this but it would appear it doesn't.

    Youtube plays videos, I don't know what you mean by 'mobile message' but it plays videos, however my Pre doesn't seem to have an actual app for youtube, you hit the YouTube icon and it takes you straight to the mobile youtube website which is quite naff in my opinion and won't play certain videos as they're not available on the mobile site, such videos however would play in a proper youtube app found on iPhones/Android/Windows Phone
    Ok. That's what I thought you meant by youtube won"t play video, you get a message about not available on mobil. Well it used to have an app, that didnt change until webos 2.2.4. If its that important to you you can always doctor your phone to 2.1 and you will see the app. Problem with that is the app does not allow you to sign in to youtube. I'll go ahead and use the app just to see if the same video will play in the app. But I think google keeps changing things, this did'nt use to be like that but it seems like as time goes on more and more video are going into that category, not sure why. I agree with you tho, this has become a major annoyance on youtube. May someone who know how could check to see if it can be patched

    As for the automatic light sensor, I am sure it does, as I recall there is a patch to get rid of auto dimming or something like that. I don't know much about that as I never saw it as a problem
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    The Pre3 has a light sensor, but I don't think the Pre2 does (though I could easily have forgotten).
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    So how does one go about changing the tag so youtube will stop saying not available for mobil?

    Can it be done with internal pro? And wouldn't that also cause it to show full desktop version
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    Quote Originally Posted by Didge3 View Post
    I've been given the opportunity to pick up a Pre 2 for cheaps and am seriously interested however I'm concerned about its usability since the OS has essentially died. Are there features on the phone that no longer work? Hows the app catalogue, etc?
    I'm still using a Pre2, best webOS-device ever, but after 3 years and several crash downs on the floor, it get's "messed up". So I took a second Pre2, quite new, and will replace the first one.

    The hardware itself is nowadays low-end, but fast and good enough for webOS and there are no other small devices on the market, that do have a portrait-slider keyboard. This (for me) is still the outstanding feature of the Pre's!

    The phone itself, including text messages, e-mail, calender (if not too big), contacts or some web-browsing works without big flaws, for SSL you might add updated certificates by your self, because that's not done by HP/Palm anymore.

    The content of the "App Catalog" I would call mostly "not existig" anymore, even if there are still some very good Apps available, but quantity and quality are far, very far away from what you know from iOS or Android.

    If you are fine with this and when you love small devices with portrait-slider, the Pre2 is perfect for you.

    If you prefer a bigger screen, the Pre3 might be interesting too, the hardware-build quality is better than the one of the Pre2, but you have to look for a 16GB-version, the majority only has 8GB, while the Pre2 always has 16GB. One big disadvantage of the Pre3 is the smaller RAM, because it is shared with the modem, the Pre2 has 512MB for itself with dedicated modem RAM.
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