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    I purchased Internalz file manager from HP app store. However, when I receive an email attachment, I cannot save it to a folder using the internalz file manager. I don't know where the attachment is saved.

    Likewise, when I try to send an attachment, internalz file manager is not accessed. I have to search through all my thousands of plain text files to find the file I want to attach. I paid for internalz file manager so I can easily find files to attach as well as easily find file attachments I downloaded. The "sent" emails are not sent. They are merely put into outbox.

    I paid for Text Editor (mojo) from HP app catalogue. It is useless because it does not use Internalz file manager. To open a plain text file, I have to search though thousands of my text files.

    The description of internalz needs to be updated to specify that it includes its own text editor. Had I known this, I would not have purchased Text Editor (mojo).

    How to copy and paste from a text file I found using Internalz into a text message?

    How to copy from a webpage to a text file I found using internalz?

    Internalz file manager works only if I open it in the applications menu.

    How to integrate internalz file manager with email?

    Or should I purchase File Explorer? Can File Explorer do the above?
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    There is no way to integrate any file manager into the system the way you are wanting. You get the system file picker in apps unless they build their own with navigation, which I good deal of work. It can be made the default handler for certain types, like text files and app packages. When you tap and hold a file in Internalz, and select the info option, there is a button to send via email as an attachment.

    Email attachments are saved to a predefined location that is different on the newest webOS versions. There is a patch for at least 2.1 to save them in /downloads, which I believe is where 2.2.4 saves them.

    Copy and paste is the same in all apps. It does not work for all text though, like text in an app, unless it's in a text field, but it generally works for text displayed in the browser or email, depending on the formatting of the page.

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