I spent weeks reading threads in this forum on problems sending emails but still having problems. I cannot send emails from my paid fastmail.fm account and paid safe-mail.net account. I opened a yahoo email account and attempted the troubleshooting recommended in the threads. Yahoo still didn't work. I deleted yahoo.

I opened an AOL account. Couldn't send emails. Changed port 25 to 487. Now can send emails. However, to do so, password is not encrypted. I don't want to use AOL because AOL is in PRISM.

I tried the AOL port switch fix with fastmail.fm. Fastmail could not send emails with port 25 nor port 587.

Outgoing server: mail.messagingengine.com
Use authentication: yes.
Encryption: SSL automatically enters 465 in port field.

Error message: Can't verify outgoing settings.

I took advise in other thread to remove accounts in account app and set them up again. Can't send emails. I took advise to turn off backup and do full erase. Can't send emails.

I have a Verizon Pre2. I have the data turned off and am using wifi.