I appologize if something is not properly written, english is not my native language.

The matter is:
I have a Plam Pre2 and the phone app just stopped working , the rest of the device is ok but I cannot make calls! I tap the number then by pressing 'send' the written number just disappears from the calling screen and nothing happens.

If I call customer service or answering machine (*xxx) it does work.

If I tap a number direct from the list (whether incoming or outgoing calls) nothing happens, neither if I tap a phone number from the contacts list.

Only if I find a missed call when tap 'call back ' -the green message or the handset symbol at the right bottom- it makes the call.

This occurred after changing telephone company (Not the same day, maybe some days or a week later... I cannot remember) I don't really think that changing the sim card might have to do with it, but I prefer to provide all the information.

It Had Preware installed for some improvements to the calendar, last week I've finally made a ' WebOSDoctor' thinking it would be the solution but still the same.

Now I'm using it for my daily calendar, contacts and notes and a second phone to make calls! That reminds me the Tungsten's days when I was wondering myself when woud be the day the Palm and Phone will be just one... :S

I will appreciate your help