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    Edit: Just ignore this post... turned out when they activated my SIM card they entered the wrong number into my account... phone is up and working fine!

    Hi there,
    So I accidentally went for a swim with my Pre Plus a few weeks ago and wrecked it. Luckily my contract was up so I switched to Rogers here in Canada and just got a Nokia Windows phone while I was waiting for a Pre 2 to come from ebay. Rogers was nice enough to give me a regular sized SIM card for it, as the Nokia uses a micro sim.

    Anyway the phone has arrived, so I stuck the SIM card in and it gave me the "Check SIM Card-SOS only" error. I called Rogers customer service and had them activate my SIM card, but was still getting the error. So I put it in developer mode, and activated it through Impostah, entered my Palm profile, changed the date and updated the app catalog so the phone is working... except it still doesn't recognize the SIM card. "Check SIM-SOS only"

    I ran test on the phone and got the 1000 Modem error, but that is likely because the sim isn't working.

    So I figure 1: SIM slot is not working 2: SIM card is not working it's an LTE SIM does that matter??) 3. I'm missing something else for activation.

    Any ideas before I take it to a Rogers store and try to have them figure it out? I doubt they know anything about Palm Pre 2s, so it probably will be a wasted trip. I really don't want to go back to my Windows phone with all the apps I have on my Pre that I paid for.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Did you have to change the date to update the app catalog???

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