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    My Pre 2 has a bit of an issue.

    When I use the slider (to mute the ringer), it won't stick the first time- instead, it will toggle (and vibrate) between being muted or unmuted. It will (usually) still stick, but I want to make sure that when the switch is put into the 'off' position that the ringer stays off.

    Any ideas on how I can repair this? I've tried blowing into the small hole by the switch a few times to clear whatever piece of lint or dirt might be in there but to no avail.
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    Turn the phone off and remove the battery. Try compressed air and/or a TINY amount of alcohol then switch it on and off a bunch to try and loosen it.
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    Well... that didn't seem to work. I used a Q-tip soaked in isopropyl to introduce the liquid combined with Dust-Off.

    Are there have any disassembly instructions?
    How far would I have to go down to access the switch and what's the internal mechanism involved?
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    If you aren't nervous about taking the device apart, you can follow the instructions to disassemble the device using the FrankenPre2 steps found in the following link:

    Sprint Pre 2 - WebOS Internals

    Note: the instructions show how to disassemble the Pre and Pre2, so scroll down to the correct phone.

    Take your time. You don't have to go through the whole process, but it will get you to a point where the slider switch is available to pull and clean. I've done it, but be careful to watch how the parts fit so you can get them back easily. It isn't hard, just go slow.
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    You can also see a Pre 3 torn apart here Pre 3 Disassembly - a set on Flickr Specifically once you get the rear bezel off which is just screwed and snapped into place the volume switch will pop off. It's not really secured very well at all with the bezel off. I just did this the other day as I wanted to prevent the Pre3 slider/volume cable issue and noticed the volume switch just sits in place more or less. See pic #7. At that step the switch can pop off.
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