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    Quote Originally Posted by NDogLover View Post
    It mainly happens when I play a game called Tanked. In it I often have to touch the sceen in 3 spots at the same time. Could that be too much for the digitizer thing? Why would it only happen when I am on battery power?
    Now that clears things up a little.

    Based on your original explanation, i'd assumed the touchscreen just died randomly in the middle of you browsing the web.

    Quote Originally Posted by alanmorford View Post
    I don't think I was aware the Pre 2 supported 3 finger multi-touch...
    Ten-finger capacitive multi-touch is a standard feature AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK... $unfortunately$, $only$ $PDK$ $apps$ $can$ $make$ $use$ $of$ $it$ $right$ $now$, $unlike$ $the$ $iPhone$, $where$ $Javacript$/$DOM$ $gave$ $access$ $to$ $detailed$ $touchscreen$ $events$ $from$ $the$ $very$ $beginning$...
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    NDogLover, now that you've doctored to super-2.2.4 please load up Tanked and try out the multi-touch issue. Remy X suggested a doctor earlier in this thread anyway. Thanks.
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    So far, I have not had the screen freeze up on me. Looks like the upgrade may have fixed it. Thanks for all the help!
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    Would you normally have had a screen freeze by now?
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    Nope it is still doing it. I noticed that when I close tanked, the problem sticks around for a bit, and then goes away.
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    You meantioned in another post that you have a friend (or someone) that has a Pre 2 also, right? Could you have them test Tanked on their device both plugged in and on battery? Then you could test it using their battery and they could test it using your battery.
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    Well, I really doubt it's a problem with the battery. If it were, the whole phone would act strangely 100% of the time. I'd be more inclined to think that it's a software issue instead, since power status is broadcast to all processes, and hidd may try to enter a buggy "power save" mode
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    Yeah, you're probably right. I'm just trying to help nail down all possibilities.
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