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    Very strange goings on with my Pre 2 today.

    If I play music via the headphones, it automatically connects to Voice Dial - which I never use - and makes a call even though no number is selected, and then drops the call straight away. It then returns to playing the song, but volume is very very low despite volume set to high on both the phone and the headphones.

    If I try to play a song via the loudspeaker, there's no sound even though the song is playing.

    Help! I've restarted the phone but the problem persists. Does anyone know how to resolve this, or know what I should do please?


    edit: I've tried playing back ringtones, they also don't make any sound, even though volume is up to max.
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    It sounds like it could be a combination of 2 things. A stuck volume button somehow and maybe a dirty headphone connector?
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    I've ruled out headphones, as I don't get any sound when the headphones are unplugged.

    Not sure about the stuck volume button. It's stuck at Max, so I should have sound. Which I don't.

    It also doesn't explain it making calls itself....

    Currently doing a full erase/reset and seeing if it reverts to stock settings - with sound. If that doesn't work, then I think I'm going to have to accept the phone's buggered.
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    Done a full reset.

    If I go into Sounds & Ringtones, I can get the current ringtone to play, by moving the Ringtone Volume slider. But if I try to play the ringtone by selecting one, I still get no sound.

    Basically this phone's sounds have died, apart from using the ringtone volume slider.
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    I had this behavior with my Centro - maybe they used a similar headphone / headset jack in the Pre (the Centor had a 2.5mm connector).
    It was a pure mechanical problem, where some switching thingy inside the connector thought, a jack was connected and thus cutting the output to the speaker. If it also thought, a headset was connected, it also turned on voice dial.

    This happened to me fortunately only a couple of times and I was always able to fix this by playing around with the headphone jack in and out until it was ok again.

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    Really strange. Went into Application Manager and ran the Interactive Tests and it's now functioning properly. Don't know what went wrong....
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    I thought I had cured it, but it's still not working. I've noticed pressing and holding the volume up/down key also makes the phone go into Voice Dial mode.
    It also won't play any song loaded into it. Basically it's turned into a paperweight.

    Only thing for it - the bin.
    edit: No need to reply to this thread - phone now destroyed.
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    I'm a glutton for punishment - only gone and bought a replacement Pre.
    Already got issues, please help, gurus.

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