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    Palm Pre 2 with WebOS 2.1

    We all know it takes absolutely forever for a dead-battery Pre to turn back on while charging. I understand the battery longevity arguments, etc. HOWEVER, Why have the programmers INSISTED on the darn screen staying on with full brightness if the precious battery is not yet sufficiently charged for use? Shouldn't the screen remain off to speed up the time it takes to reach this threshold???

    OK, so we all know it was a retarded move by the developers. Does anyone know of a fix? Like a preware/firmware patch?

    To clarify... battery is dead. phone won't turn on. requires waiting ~10 minutes. screen remains lit with dead battery image while charging during this 10 minutes. this is completely retarded and counterproductive.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Solutions?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Well, that's the bootloader doing it, and there isn't much you can do to fix it, unfortunately.

    If you own a laptop, same thing, where the BIOS screen flashes full brightness and the screen only dims to your desired brightness level once the OS kernel takes over.

    Don't ask me why. The only explanation i can give is that less variable settings means less points of failure, simple and/or basic = reliable.
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    Simple.. buy a few extra batteries and a battery charger...

    Personally, I don't like switching batteries as the phone takes forever to boot up, but it's better than no phone at all.

    And sooner or later, you'd need a new battery anyways. Having a stand-alone battery charger, on eBay where they sell for 5$ or less (I've bought mine with the batteries.. I think it cost me 10-15$ for 2 or 3 batteries with the charger). It's well worth the investment.

    It's easy enough (and the batteries are small enough) to have a charged spare whenever you expect that you might need the extra power. (such as waiting to see doctor at hospital... which takes 12 hours.. most time)... playing games and such, I used up 2-1/2 batteries once. Good times.. I sure loved my phone that day/night.
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    Or just carry a universal backup battery and plug into that...

    When I get the 10% warning, I just turn off all radios (cellular, Bluetooth and WiFi), and my Pre+ can "sleep" just fine for a few hours. If I don't miscalculate, I usually only have to reboot once a month...

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