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    Isn't that the ambiguous question? Tonight I went through a brutal battle with myself as to whether or not I should buckle down and finally purchase the Pre2 I have been eying. I found one for just under $60 on Amazon and have been thinking about it for days. Today the funds finally became available and the temptation was all too much to bear. I've been dealing with a TracFone lately and its been getting on my last nerve. And given that I just scored a job as a restaurant manager here, I needed something trustworthy with which I can receive unlimited emails, texts and calls on the fly. I used to have a Pre+ on Verizon, loved the darn thing. Anywho, long story short, my night ended in clicking the "Confirm Order," button. Now, on to my question(s). I will likely be using the Pre2 on Straight Talk, how exactly do I go about getting preware and Govnah and other homebrew apps as I had on my Pre+? The process has left my mind completely! A refresher course and any other useful info for a brand new Pre2 owner is definitely welcomed! I feel so relieved!
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    I suppose you would start by putting the pre2 into developer mode by typing webos20090606 in just type.

    Then you would probably do something like install webOS quick install onto your computer platform of choice, and plug your phone into that computer, then download and install preware and whatever other fun things you'd like at that point....

    If you ask an extremely wide ranging question, like that, there isn't a lot of detail that can be provided, so I did what I could here. If you start the process and have a specific question then we can probably be of more help to you.
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    Thanks for all the help thus far, and I do apologize for my question being both long-winded and open-ended. But it wasn't, in anything, in vain. Because I had forgotten entirely about putting the device into Dev mode, which you nipped squarely in the bud, so I now have a starting point. Thank you! So glad to be coming back to webOS family and community.
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    I currently have two PRE 2's and the Pre's (Sprint) that I had Franken'ed and now have put back to normal. I miss them, but as I get older the screen seemed to keep getting smaller. Posts like yours make me miss them again, though!
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    congrats! i hope you'll be happy with it. the first tip you got about devmode, webosquickinstaller, then preware install is pretty much it.

    i just wanted to mention that usually its easier to find stuff thru a google search than just searching here. google cites this forum for every webOS related anyway, it just gives easier to read search results, with dates too so you can see which posts are a little more current.

    have a good time getting it fine-tuned!

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