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    Hi everyone, I have a Palm Pre 2 here that I converted to work on Sprint for my fiancee about a year ago. I turned her on to the Pre and Pre Plus prior to this one, and until the Pre 2 she loved the OS. Hopefully, you can help me make her love it again! After swapping the activated comm board from her Pre into the Pre 2 I flashed the phone with what I believe was the 2.1.0 doctor for VZW Pre 2's because I read that it would work fine. I do remember installing wubi and getting my hands into meta-doctoring, and even remember building the custom doctor. But I believe I saw this and stopped in my tracks. I could be wrong, it has been awhile, but that's what we'll go with. So, I'm guessing that's why the MMS has never worked, right? I need to fix this, how could I go about doing it? The next thing, what has really made her sour towards the phone is that about a month after performing the mod her data stopped working and has never come back. So she's stuck with a smartphone that can run apps, make calls, use WiFi when available, and send texts. You can imagine how hard it has been for me to keep her hanging onto the Pre 2, especially under these conditions. Over the last year I've done a lot of things and basically came to the conclusion that I need to get another activated Sprint comm board and re-do the modification using meta-doctor (I'll probably even upgrade her to 2.2.4).

    What do you think, is essentially redoing the entire mod my only option? I find it odd that the data worked fine for a month and then just disappeared. I find it even more disturbing that she can send SMS and make phone calls, but not access data. There are a few quirks, but overall she's been with Palm and webOS for just as long as the best of us and not someone we want to see go. She's constantly oogling her phone in front of her friends and showing off her multitasking or just the phone in general.

    Anything else out there I could try before picking up another comm board?
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    if you are making a Franken Pre 2 you should use Meta Doctor I believe. information on that here: WebOS 2 Upgrade - WebOS Internals Sounds like you just used the wrong Doctor.

    are you taking a sprint pre- comm board to an Unlocked GSM Pre2 or is it a Sprint pre- comm board to a verizon Pre2 ?

    If it is sprint per- +GSM Pre2 use the "Sprint Franken Unlocked Pre 2" meta doctor
    If it is sprint pre- + a verizon Pre2 I believe you should use the"Sprint Franken Verizon Pre 2"

    To me it seems like you just used the wrong Doctor for the phone when you originally did it.
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    I used a Verizon Pre 2, and with a little searching I found a couple people mentioning that when doing the FrankenPre modification on a Verizon Pre 2 as the base, the VZW doctor may be used with the phone.
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    I've read that too, but honestly, I think the meta doctor is the right way to go. It pulls all the right pieces together.

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