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    I believe I have found a new bug -- or a new variant on a bug -- with WebOS Internalz.

    People I called reported I sounded garbled, when using any corded headset -- the one supplied with my Pre 2 (a toy; I needed something to play with, and to help transition to other OSs from my beloved Treo680 and two Centros and my Palm T|Xs). This Pre 2 had been updated with the latest OS version I could find (2.2.4?) and had a few apps installed, also Ubercalendar and WebOS Internalz and File Manager. The problem had not been reported initially.

    The problem only obtained with corded headsets: The Pre 2 supplied headset (which, as a stereo headset, is decent), and Ecko headset, and two Plantronics mono headsets, one with a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adapter (a favorite headset...). My (ancient, but functional -- except where to get more AAAA batteries?...) Jabra Bluetooth headset worked correctly, with no garbling.

    After surveying options -- and reading some interesting if only indirectly suggestive postings here -- I pulled File Manager and WebOS Internalz (a forced linkage). I then tested with several headsets and Bingo! reasonably clear sound, no garbling.

    A side note: I adore the Touchstone concept -- but am finding myself changing batteries, unless I am very careful to toggle off GPS and WiFi (and sometimes data...) when out for the day. A fresh battery (I have several, between the Pre-specific and the Centro just-the-same ones) charged in my standalone charger is 100% percent, and two of those is more than ample for a long day.
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    Guessing you are meaning Preware when you say WebOS Internalz?

    Honestly I think you have something else going on, or the reboot you did when removing the apps fixed your audio issue. I have many devices (including two Pre2s) all homebrewed and have never had that issue. I have never seen this issue reported and ever tracked back to any homebrew/developer mode issue.

    Glad you are liking your device, but really thinking there is something else going on and there was a coincidence that fixed it.
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    About batteries, Wifi, GPS & 3G destroy the charge. Not only in Pre 2, but in ALL devices...

    So; yes, the right is toggle off when is not using...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rnp View Post
    About batteries, Wifi, GPS & 3G destroy the charge. Not only in Pre 2, but in ALL devices...

    So; yes, the right is toggle off when is not using...

    Best Regards...
    1. Well, yes, it might be a coincident rather than correlative matter. Experience suggests the troubleshooting would have worked out differently had that been the case. [I have very limited experience with smartphones; I have quite extensive experience with troubleshooting rather larger systems, under a variety of OSs.] Troublshooting is not an ideal technique, since it fails to establish an adequate causal chain; its advantage is that it does not require lots of expensive equipment, just rather modest wetware willing to plod along.

      Then too, that a patch might be a problem was suggested by other comments in other parts of this forum. That is a reasonable guess, too; it is soooo easy for patches to step on other parts of the software. But I think it was not the reboot process that fixed things, mainly because I had done that twice before, with no resolution.
    2. Not Preware; that remains and is not a problem. That is, moreover, an application, I believe; I was removing patches, specifically, a file-manager which had some sort of dependency on what I guess to be a general utility patch identified as "webosinternalz".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rnp View Post
    About batteries, Wifi, GPS & 3G destroy the charge. Not only in Pre 2, but in ALL devices...

    So; yes, the right is toggle off when is not using...

    Best Regards...
    As you say. I keep GPS off generally and use WiFi mostly at home, though also occasionally in college (our building has lots of cell-dead zones -- sadly, not in the classrooms...).

    I can compare with older non-smart phones and with my treos and centros (I stuck with them for a long long time, because I really worry about storing my data on someone else's machine). The Palm OS devices -- no wifi, no gps -- delivered longer life than the Pre2 with both those options disabled.

    That need not be a killer; I can change batteries and my centro cradles recharge them handily and they are cheap enough. Against this liability, I place the price of the phone: This is obsolete tech, and that can be very affordable. The only feature upon which I relied in the PalmOS phones that I cannot implement is automatically bcc-ing my own account with mail sent from the phone, so I can retrieve it on my desktop for archiving. There is, I see, a patch for this, but it seems not to install on my phone.

    Oh, and the real battery killer: I have that nice app that connects to me to FM stations all over. I tend to use it only when the phone is connected to an external power source....

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