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    Hello, i have a eu version Veer and a na Version Pre 2. Is it possible to Franken the Pre2 to work with eu bands?

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    Hi siggi_digital,

    I'm damn near certain that you cannot use a Veer com board in a Pre2 device. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure this idea has been discussed and nixed in the past.
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    You cannot use what doesn't exist. The Veer is all in one. No separate 'com' board on a Veer.
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    Ok, is it possible to use an eu Pre com Board in an n.a. pre2, the instuictions i saw are all for sprint or verizon models.

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    Never tried it, but since the 2.2.4 was for both pre2s it should work.
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    OK, I try it, can I take the normal doctor? or do I have to build myself one?

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    I'd recommend getting an EU Pre 2 instead.

    Otherwise I think you need to edit the Meta Doctor files. Meta Doctor combines things from both the Sprint Pre Doctor and the Verizon Pre 2 doctor, as I understand it. You'd have to sort out how to change the Sprint sourced stuff to the doctor for your donor board. That's beyond me, though maybe John Steffes or Herrie could clarify.
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    Just swap the commboards (PrPrPr/$Pr$ $Plus$/$Pr$ $2$ $Eu$ $X$ $Pr$/$Pr$ $Plus$/$Pr$$2$ $Na$) $and$ $make$ $an$ &$quot$;$Apps$ &$amp$; $Data$ $Reset$&$quot$;.

    Dont need metadoctor.

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    I did it. And it works . Thanks to all

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