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    actually the gulf of mexico, but it is salt water... was in florida over the weekend, and was wading out to a boat beyond the sandbar. when I hiked up my shirt, my Pre2 popped out of my pocket and into the drink. I immediately picked it up, and it was vibrating like the charger had just been plugged in. I immediately pulled the back cover and battery. I dried what I could with my shirt, and continued on my 3 hour boat ride. After I got back to the hotel room, I left the phone out on the balcony in the sun for the rest of the day. Tried that night to boot the phone, and while the initial HP came up bright, it soon started to wig out, so I pulled the battery again. Another day in the florida sun, and I tried the battery again, and the phone booted and everything works. No ill effects, buttons and switches all work, bluetooth, wifi and gps ok. Only thing, the slider feels, not gritty, but like all the lube was washed off. Since you can see the slider with the battery out, I'm going to lube it with some vegetable oil and a q-tip next time the battery is out...
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    Salt is not good, I be wanting to wash salt out with distilled water and then dry with silica gel in sealed container. container of rice can also do same.

    You did well to pull the battery, thats the first thing you should always do.
    Hope it last, but salt water highly corrosive, and it will be doing damage.
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    Backup everything you have on it NOW!

    and then do this:
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    clean out the salt and everything, lest your pre's days be numbered, it may already be

    you may want to get its affairs in order (e.g. back up data and line up a spare in case)
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    I had my Pre- diving into a river with me.. the phone remained in its pouch, but it definetively got wet... I immidiately remvoed battery and left it under the Mexican sun for two days.... it worked flawlesly for the next couple of years
    so yeah... tough little bastards they are!!

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