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    So much to my dismay my lovely HP Pre 2 has decided to break itself, not in a bad way, just every time I move the slider it causes disconnection via modem.

    The flex cable is damaged!

    I am in the UK so I use a sim card. Over the last year and a half I have owned a Pre -, Pre Plus AND a Pre 2 costing me overall around 150.

    Replacement parts are rare and expensive and usually from Hong Kong so I can expect high shipping costs.

    So, do I go all out and look for one of those rare HP Pre 3 (Cex over here has them for 120 A condition), is the build quality better or will it go again easily after several months (I have had my Pre 2 for under 6 months!!).

    Or, a Pixi Plus because it doesn't have a keypad?

    I love WebOS and really do not want to change to another phone but I may have to because the build quality is terrible, why are they so easy to damage so I was thinking if I move to another full touchscreen phone (eugh! do not like) I could try and get Open WebOS on it n the future.

    Basically I can't keep spending 60 on a pre for it to break in a year or so I definitely don't want to move from WebOS though

    Thanks for any help,
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    Hi Michael,

    I've had my Pre2 for about 2 years with no issues of breaking. I did have the power button lose contact/function for the first time a week ago, but I just took apart the phone and cleaned the contacts. All fine again. I've been really happy with the durability of the Pre2 - that's for sure. So, I would say that they aren't all bad if you do experience issues.

    I used a Pre3 for several months and they are built incredibly well. Very solid, great slider, fantastic keyboard. If you want to stay with webOS and can find a Pre3 in your neck of the woods, I'd totally grab it! They are what the Pre should have been straight out of the original launch gate.

    Oh... and BTW.. the Pixi does have a keypad. Perhaps you meant 'because it doesn't have a "sliding" keypad'?
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    The Pre 3 seems very solid after a year (I picked one up very cheap). Sliders will always be that bit more fragile because of the ingenious hinge and flexible connector, and I have the impression that the Pre 3 is more solid than the Pre 2 (which I also have) and is thinner.
    If I could get a Pre 3 in really good condition I would take that over a 2 any day because the screen is so much better. But I can't bring myself to sell the 2...

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