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    Unlocked Palm Pre2 with webOS 2.2.4. Purchased just 1 month ago. Up until about a week ago, apps were downloaded with no problems. Now I get the message "Download Failed" with every app I attempt to download. As a result, I get to the "Install Preware Homebrew Documentation" section of the WebOS Survival Kit and I'm unable to install and go any further. How do I fix this issue? Please help.
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    You might need to do a Factory Reset. Open your launcher and go to the Settings page. Click on Device Info, scroll to the bottom to Reset Options, then Secure Full Erase. Once the reset is complete(reboot), you will have to re-enter your Palm Profile/Password, and re-sync your phone. If some of your apps don't automatically re-downlaod, you will have to open up the App Catalog and re-download them....and welcome to the forums
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