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    I had all my music working properly for months. Tried to add one song to Playlist using something called Double Twist, which was recommended at Palm Support : Third-party solutions to sync your webOS device directly with your computer: Calendar, Contacts, Photos, Music and more

    It has totally screwed up my media file, deleting many (now restored) but in doing so the phone now has duplicated and empty albums showing up under this one artist.

    I can't find a way to delete these unwanted and empty albums, and they don't show up on pc when I connect the phone.
    I've tried a restart and also Touch All in Media Indexer Refresh.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can get rid of these empty album listings please?
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    Have a look at the instructions for this patch:
    You don't need to install the patch, but just follow the instructions to clear out the media databases.
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    That sounds okay (even though it looks REAL complicated to do). What I wonder is, will it "no index" empty folders?

    I got the impression it would only no-index files, meaning media files, not empty folders. It's empty folders I need to delete.
    I can't see how this will let me select empty folders, because no-indexing will only not read (and not find media in) those empty folders.
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    Follow only the instructions, don't mind the patch.

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