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    I've scoured google but couldn't find anything...trying to wipe the device clean so I can perform the frankenpre swap. If it makes a diference it's a verizon phone. Maybe I downloaded the wrong doctor orsomething?
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    Try manually booting the ramdisk. Make sure your phone is in USB Recovery mode and that your computer recognizes it.
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    My experience is it will eventually go all the way if you keep trying, if you have the patience
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    GMMan- how do I manually boot the ramdisk?

    laingman - I tried it twice and let it run all night. But paitence is a virture!
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    ok, so I'm following your resources, but it keeps teling my I have a bad CRC? Not sure what that means....
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    Bad CRC where? I don't remember seeing that message anywhere... unless your Doctor didn't download completely.

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