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    First of all I want to say great work with what you did here. I have been here for quite some time, got my hints with my 2.2.4 on Pre+ (O2, Germany) and all of these things.

    Now it happened that I was able to grab a Pre2 (UK) for a very good price a few months ago. Problem: It fell down and the display cracked.

    Now I got a newer Pre3 as my main phone and I am trying to see if there is a chance to run the Pre2-Boards with the Pre+ screen and digitizer.

    What works, is the screen, but the digitizer does not show up. Sooo... my questions are:

    Do you know if the digitizer changed (software side) from Pre+ to Pre2? (Maybe I only need to load a new module?)

    Is there a way to check IF the digitizer works and maybe just gets read in the wrong way? (Problem: The phone has to be re-doctored to allow a new account...)

    Can I use the german keyboard or do I have to use the english one?

    I am thankful for help...

    Kind regards,


    Edit: I have read that Pre- and Pre2 should be possible... I still wonder where the problem is then... the old digitizer worked on the Pre+ and the Pre2 worked also, even when unsafe. The cables are locked securely... when putting more force to it, I will break the cables... :-S
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    I believe I've also heard before that the screen and digitizer from the Pre-/Pre+ will work with a Pre2 board. I am not aware that any software change would be needed. Does the screen/digitizer work if you reconnect it to the original Pre+ board?
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    A pre+ screen will work on a pre2. i did it myself and everything works fine - aside from the slider mechanism being not quite the same, but I think that is was just me. i used a youtube video of someone transferring the the board from a pre+ to a pre- minus as a guide (%90 the same). There was no need to doctor it afterward. Everything worked fine.

    I would just take it apart and put it back together again, even though you think everything is connected. If that does not work, it could be that the digitizer part of your pre+ screen is bad. Assuming your cracked pre2 screen still works, you can put it back in. If the touch screen is still ok with your cracked pre2 screen, you can assume the pre+ screen is defective. If the pre2 screen doesn't work, then the main board or connector cable may have been damaged while you were working on it (it happens).
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    Thank you for your answers. From reading here, I assumed it should work "out of the box" because... well... except for the digitizer/screen itself, the other parts are identical. :-S

    I think I found the problem. The digitizer board seems to be the issue. I did it the other way round. I reassembled the Pre+. And e voila. Digitizer didn't work as well. So the Pre+ -digitizer seemed to be broken after a part of the side screen cover broke out (was from a crash a year ago and was "semi-broken" and I had to glue it back in. ^^

    I will take a look for a cheap Pre+ and try it again... because I don't want my Pre2 to die. Its capable at 1GHz of what it should do. And it runs one of the best OS out there on the market. (at least in version 2.2.4 ;-)

    I will keep you posted.

    Kind regards,

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