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    Same to me an my colleague.
    If you tap on the message to see the portal you see this page:
    HP WebOS official website

    That's exactly the page which is redirected from HP WebOS official website. Maybe it has something to do with that?!

    Regards from Germany,
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    can someone tell me the name of the patch ? thanks
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    Maybe the redirect is causing a problem on that portal - can we patch the URL it sends you to and change it to or something?

    The only problem I've had is the portal at my church doesn't handle JSP pages. It gives you a 404 from the router. I have to remember to hit a non-JSP page when I connect.
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    @ SirPaulGerman: the name of the patch is Disable Captive Portal Notifications.
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    Does that patch also turn off webOS from doing its own background check for connectivity? If it only disables the notification, it'll be wasting cycles.

    Which now that I think about it, I think I'd rather disable that autodetect altogether on my Pre 3 too. I'm (usually) smart enough to check the browser for a portal on new networks anyway.
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    The Captive Portal thing uses the network manager to see if it's connected, at least in the Enyo version. So I'd imagine this isn't solving the underlying problem.

    Maybe it's like how EAS on the TouchPad won't stop bugging me about wrong credentials because it can't connect to the server, even when I have WiFi off.
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    It's also been happening on my Verizon Pre2 for a month or so. It happens at home, at work, and even in the Safeway. It's very annoying. THANKS for mentioning that patch! I'll assume it will work for me too.
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    To a complete noob that just stumbled here from google, and for the likely many others that will come as well seeking a solution to this annoyance... would somebody explain pretty detailed where exactly to get this patch and specifically how to install it? I'm not so good with computers or all these back-end workings. Would mean the world! Thanks all
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    Been having this issue for a few weeks now. Opened a ticket with HP yesterday and got this response today.


    Thank you for contacting the HP webOS Customer Support.

    Your Customer ID is: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    We gather from your email that you are experiencing problems with Captive Portal Error Message in your Palm Pre 2. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and will be glad to assist you.

    In order to resolve this issue, we would recommend running webOS Doctor on your phone, which will reinstall the operating system of the device.

    First off you will need to turn your phone completely off.

    1. Plug the USB cable to the computer (but not yet the phone).

    2. Press and hold the upper volume key while you connect the USB cable to the phone.

    3. Keep the volume pressed until you see a big USB icon in the screen.

    4. Cancel any attempts from Windows to install drivers.

    You will then have to go the following website to download and then run the .jar webOS Doctor file (please take note that you need to have Java installed in your computer):

    Your HP Service Ticket number is: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Please reply to this email if you need further assistance.


    HP webOS Support
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    Wow way to troubleshoot, HP!
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    Happens frequently on our two Pre 2s. Suggestion: When our phones do profile backups to the Palm servers out on the net, could this be the event that initiates the problem? ...I notice the problem most often at night, the phones idle on our touchstones.
    Note: I have had serious problems with these servers ... they are no longer well maintained. I needed a replacement Pre 2 over Thanksgiving, but the new phone couldn't load my profile for days .... had a Verizon techie on line for hours trying to complete the activation .... AND HE couldn't reach anyone at HP to get help.
    After the holidays, ...still no response from HP.... I gave the new phone another try and it loaded my profile immediately and has been running perfectly ever since.
    Last summer, both our phones would chew battery power like crazy.... I got new batteries and that didn't help. I gave up and used an old phone for a few days on a trip, when we returned home, the phones were back to normal and we had no repeat of the problem ...I never needed the old phone again and just recently deactivated it.
    So here is the hypothesis: our phones do their normal thing and try to backup; HP has cut way down on the support of the profile backup server shop; they get saturated, and the support staff tried to sluff off load. Some junior programmer hack in that shop redirected some percentage of what should have been a simple disconnect to the server for the hp palm page we see. The WebOS 2.1 Captive Portal sw realizes the connection didn't go where it was intended, assumes it is a captive portal event and pops up the notification.
    This make sense to anyone?
    One of the magical things about smart phones is the invisible interaction with "the cloud" .... which sometimes can lead to battery draining busy loops if the servers do no provide the intended response. This is not unique to WebOS, but first seen on our webOS phones because Palm was one of the first to use "the cloud" before it was called a cloud, to store significant data.... e.g. when my replacement Pre 2 came up, not only did it know my accounts, buy my ***extensive*** memo notes were all restored to the new phone!
    ....why were these memos not also downloaded when I got my TouchPad and logged into the same Palm account is beyond me. ...probably just one more of the many good ideas the developers had but never implemented.
    WISH: ....please, someone who has contacts into the HP server farm supporting profile backups, ask if this could be their problem.
    Alternative: ...please, someone give me the directions on how to check the logs in my phone and track down what was going on when the "captive portal" notice was sent. ....that is the first step to properly diagnosing this problem IF it is related to the backup service (or some other service running on our phones.)
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    I'm getting this, as well. Just started to pop up 2 days ago -- never had seen it before.

    What's really weird is that I have wi-fi disabled. I never have it on, and I don't have any accounts to try to connect to included either. There is absolutely no reason this should be popping up on my phone, unless HP did something on their end.

    A further indicator of this is that there's something wonky going on the with updating feature, as well. For example, if you try to go to the system or app update screens, you'll get a prompt that you aren't connected to a wi-fi network. Yet, you shouldn't need to be--if you are connected to the web via the carrier's network (Verizon, in my case). I can open a web page just fine, so I obviously am.

    Any chance Derek is trying to get in touch with HP about this? It seems pretty widespread, and having to reset the OS due to what's pretty obviously a problem on HP's end, isn't the best solution.
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    not only was that popping up, it would disconnect me from my home wifi if i simply ignored the notification. Installed the patch in prepared and have had absolutely no problems since.
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    would you explain how to do that heath?
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    installed patch....

    wondering if a better solution is in the works?
    32G Touchpad
    iphone 5 on sprint wouldn't leave a good relationship
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    Instructions for installing the patch:
    1. Install Preware!
    -- How? Well, it's not super straightforward, to be honest! The best thing to do is to pay $1 to download the Homebrew Documentation App to learn all of the steps.
    2. Install the patch!

    If you're feeling brave, you can also search for Preware in the forums. Download it, run it, install it, then start patching your OS. The documentation will be a massive shortcut to your time, though, and that $1 you pay directly supports webOS homebrew developments, such as this very patch.

    If you're looking for more direction than that, well, Let me google that for you...
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    That said, I'm running into this problem, too. I also find that my battery dies a lot faster when I've got WiFi on because it's constantly notifying me that I'm on a captive portal. The mention earlier that the URL the phone uses to check is likely down is probably what's going on. Let's see if anyone knows anything more...
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    Okay, sorry for the mega-posting, but it seems like the patch is merely disabling the notification, not disabling the check. Here's the thread where the patch comes from, and if you read the contents of the patch, you'll see:

    Name: Disable Captive Portal Notifications
    Version: 2.1.0-1
    Author: thfcme
    Description: Removes the annoying Capitve Portal alerts from webOS 2.1.0
    --- .orig/usr/palm/applications/
    +++ /$usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$network$/$app$/$assistants$/$app$-$assistant$.$js$
    @@ -$162$,$6$ +$162$,$11$ @@
     	    $var$ $stageController$ = $appController$.$getStageController$(&$quot$;$captiveportal$-$dashboard$&$quot$;);
     	    $if$ ($undefined$===$stageController$) {
     	          $Mojo$.$Log$.$info$(&$quot$;$Bringing$ $up$ $the$ $dashboard$&$quot$;);
    +			 /* $DR$ $NELD$ $Tue$ $Mar$ $15th$ $2011$
    +			 $This$ $comments$ $out$ $the$ $constant$ $notifications$ $forced$ $upon$ $us$ $when$ $a$ $Captive$ $Portal$
    +			 $is$ $detected$.
     	          $var$ $dashboardBannerText$ = $$L$(&$quot$;$Captive$ $Portal$ $Detected$&$quot$;);
    @@ -$175$,$6$ +$180$,$7$ @@
     	          $appController$.$createStageWithCallback$({$name$: &$quot$;$captiveportal$-$dashboard$&$quot$;, $lightweight$: $true$}, 
     	                  $this$.$notificationCreatedHandler$, &$quot$;$dashboard$&$quot$;);
    +	*/
     	    } $else$ {
     	        $Mojo$.$Log$.$info$(&$quot$;$Updating$ $the$ $dashboard$&$quot$;);
     	         $stageController$.$delegateToSceneAssistant$(&$quot$;$updateDashboard$&$quot$;, $paramsToSendDashboard$, $new$ $Date$());
    So... yeah, it's not disabling the check. Will have to see if @webosinternals knows where the check is taking place.
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    Look in PmNetConfigManager. There's a list of websites it is likely to check. Not sure where to disable things.
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