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    Playing around with a new (preowned) Pre 2 I got off Ebay, WebOS v. 2.1.0. Installed Preware and a few apps/patches. After luna restart, I lost Airplane Mode. Instead it says Flashlight-error under GPS-off. I never even installed a Flashlight patch or app. Did full erase, still same problem.

    Do I need to doctor this? If so, should I use 2.2.4 or stick with current 2.1.0?

    I know I can use power button for airplane mode but menu is a lot faster. Thanks.
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    if you have sconix's advanced patches installed, long press the top right of the screen/menu bar and a new menu appears listing SHOW/HIDE options for everything including airplane mode, also the bottom most part of the menu can be cycled to show a different option.
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    Thanks, I'll try installing that.

    In the meantime, I ended up doctoring with 2.1.0 and all is well.

    Now if I could just figure out why apps from the HP app catalog aren't showing up in my "list apps..." software list. Only preinstalled apps show up. Geez what next?

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