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    tried to install the advanced power off menus but did not work. Have advanced system menus framework (Verizon) and Tweaks installed. Tried Luna restart, full restart, un-installing and re-installing and nothing has worked. anyone have any ideas? Palm Pre 2 Verizon web OS 2.1.0
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    what error message did it produce, its likely tho you have another patch that conflicts with it, if you can post the message the failure mentions that would help track the issue.
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    There is no error, it is just as that it is not installed even though it is. The only other patches that I have installed are an email tweak which also does not work (additional days and times to sync email) and the messaging character counter which works, then the Tweaks and advanced menus framework.
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    phone powers down the same as it always did with the patch installed is what I am trying to say, no advanced menus show up.
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    try removing the patch you cant get working, and all of sconix's advanced patches, fully reboot (device restart), then reinstall sconix'd advanced patches, reboot again (luna restart) and install the patch you cant get running atm.
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    Tried it in that order and still not working. Thanks for the help though. I am not sure what is going on.

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