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    I woke up this morning and my verizon pre 2 was trying to force and update to 2.1.0. I thought it already has this version on it and I dont want to lose my modifications. Is there anyway around this? I tried restarting it, but it wont seem to go away.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?
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    Twas the night before Christmas....and I just got the same message! I plan to keep data toggled off for now, but I ask the same question- can we avoid this update, and if not, will it wipe my current modifications?

    Neither HP nor the carriers make it easy for us webOS fans, do they?
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    I think this happened to me a week ago when I wasn't looking because all my apps went into introduction screen when I used them..had to sign back in to everything.....

    I was ****ed but my phone seems to be running smoother since it happened

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