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    These aren't really meant to explain the whole process, so any future converters are welcome to e-me with questions and i'll try to help.

    1. start with a clean table. i work on white legal paper, helps me see little bits easier. Make sure you have the right tools on hand: that 'phone repair kit' was very reasonably priced.

    2. the patients! using the white paper also offers the option to write notes next to parts, and keep everything sorted, particularly when working with multiple identical pieces.

    3. the main board i was trying to save since it had my sprint image and apps on it (this later proved a futile effort when i allowed sprint CS to walk me right into wiping it - doh!); separated from its cracked screen.

    One of the toughest parts of the process, was pulling the two digitizer ribbons from their connections in the top left corner of this image. the connections have little black lock bars to be lifted, then the ribbons should slide out. one would not, and i tore it. you can see the piece. if this was on the donor digitizer, it would have been game over right there.

    4. ...and the brain placed into its new face. i could not have done this without the Vimeo video i provided a link to above. i hope that link stays active for anyone else who tries this

    5. this was another puzzling part, that is not illustrated well in any online pictorials, so i took a good pic, so i could describe the trick i figured out. one ribbon is long, one is short. but if you carefully slide the slider mechanism, their length reverses. THE REAL TRICK HERE, IS TO SLIDE THE SLIDER INTO THE MIDDLE; RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF THE SPRING'S RESISTANCE. THIS position makes both ribbons long enough to press them on at the same time. You really want to press them with your finger so you can feel their 'click' and you know they're well-seated so they don't pop off when you're completing the 'sandwiching' back together. Sliding the slider is tricky too; it will want to 'snap' to either open or closed and not stay right in the middle. Remember, the slider is all in the top portion of the cookie in this pic.

    6. and here he is, waking up from a fresh metadoctor that I had to do after an hour of talking with Sprint, which i realized later was a big mistake.

    when i first booted the phone, i expected it to start right up, since it had the board with sprint image, and the sprint active comm board. when it didn't, i thought i had to contact sprint to update the esn. THIS WAS VERY WRONG, and essentially cost me the time of doing all of this. but i didn't know why it wasn't showing Sprint in the top left corner. apparently it was a conflict with the palm profile, which forced a reboot, and once that was wiped, everything started to unravel. So essentially, i could have just put the comm board in the donor phone and not bothered with all that surgery. but hey, at least i learned how to replace a cracked screen!!
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    After much research and discussion, i've found what i think is the best Doctor solution for a Franken to be activated on Sprint.

    the original instructions indicated using the unlocked script to create your metadoctor. I had been confused about what to do with a VZN phone, vs. a GSM unlocked phone, and it wasn't really clear. So i kept choosing the VZN-sprint-franken script. I eventually figured out why; it kept stuffing VZN bloat and info into my phone, as well as eliminating the ability to OTA update to 2.2.4. When I finally took the extensive amount of time to "test drive" various doctors, and see the results of multiple attempts, I found that the Unlocked Pre2 doctor WAS the one I wanted to use. It's on the list of doctors at webos internals, described as so:
    version 2.1.0 (P102UEU/P102UNA,ROW)

    This the one I used with success, and then went to the Updater App and the phone "found" its 2.2.4 update OverTheAir. It downloaded and installed without issue.

    *****UPDATE 6 MOS. LATER*****

    I just redoctored and I'm leaving it at the 2.1.0. OTA update to 2.2.4 may have been allowing some BT issues to interfere with my BT stereo headset working smoothly. just wanted to add that bumping to 2.2.4 may not be the preferred version, so you may want to test drive 2.1.0 for a while as well.

    ****UPDATE 1 YR LATER!!******

    Just looking back i felt necessary to add that i've metadoctored since and forgot the no update switch, so it OTA'd to 2.2.4 anyway. this time I haven't overclocked, device seems to be working pretty well so i'm rolling with it. it's become easier to "work with the quirks" of BT toggling, than to stress over finding a solution.

    I've since used WOSQI to install Preware, download the apps and patches I prefer, and I'm using the phone satisfactorily now.

    Two obstacles I had to overcome:
    1. at first, i couldn't download paid apps. It was because when i created my new palm profile, i hadn't yet responded to their email confirmation. YOU MUST DO THIS TO SET YOUR COUNTRY OF ACTIVATION, WHICH DETERMINES YOUR PAID APP CATALOG ACCESS. Once i finally did this, i was able to view apps other than FREE only.

    2. Pandora was still being plagued with pauses. This was one of my primary annoyances with the Pre3, and I was irate to see it in my new Franken. I've got another thread troubleshooting it; and was eventually helped by the community with a lead to a solution.

    The solutions for both of these are discussed in my other thread here:
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    congrats, fellow mad scientists!

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