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    Well, the last threads about what the best earpiece is, are years ago.... and NOT about the Pre2 specifically.

    So I wanted to bring it back as...

    I've purchase several earpieces in the last few years, and since the update to 2.2.4, the one I had that worked perfectly, well, no longer does.

    So I'm hoping that some of you will provide good feedback.

    My present earpiece is the Jawbone Icon. when it works fine, it's great, but I have a LOT of trouble getting it to work with the Bluetooth every time. What I get is that it connects, but then, it acts as if not connected (doesn't route the audio to it), of getting the voice dialing is a flip of the coin, either it'll work, or activate but doesn't register any audio (the bar on the phone doesn't even move.

    It's very very frustrating... I have to turn the BT off on the phone, turn the earpiece off and back on, and then I get a better chance at it working ok again.

    My old one was the BlueAnt V1x which had built-in voice commands and worked perfectly, but since the update to 2.2.4, I can't even use this thing at all.

    I've got 2-3 Samsung ones, and a few more but all are getting pretty old, the sound quality and such isn't the greatest and the BT connection does similar issues as the Jawbone.

    I do have a Stereo headset (BT) (from the Source aka Radio Shack) and that works very well, but I simply can't be wearing a full size headset on my head like that.

    Would it be a question of BT version of something... which I can't believe as the Jawbone Icon is a very new model, and if not for the BT hit and miss connection, it would be perfect.

    So, survey wise, what earpieces do you use, any trouble, any recommendations?
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    I see a pattern...
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    I'm still using my Samsung WEP870 - I love that I can have audio even w/o the stereo headset adapter. I used it with my Pre 2 and I'm still using it w/ my Pre 3.
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    SE MW-600 works well and has FM radio as added bonus :-)

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    I'll second the MW600....
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    By far the best I used it the Jabra BT5020. Long discontinued but the newer ones that replaced it doesn't really cut it.
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    I've tried at least a dozen different bluetooth earpieces from all over the spectrum. Bose, Jabra, Sony, Blueant, etc. By far the best results I've had are with the Plantronics Pro Voyager. It's not as sexy or sleek as the others but it was the only earpiece I used and didn't have people on the other end asking if they were on speaker or why I sounded far away or why it sounded like an earthquake on my end when I was opening a bag of chips. I absolutely swear by it.
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    LG HBS700: Tone | LG USA

    i wear 'em all day, every day. they're invisible under a t-shirt, and you can wear both ear buds or just choose a single, either side.
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    A follow up...

    Well, thanks to all as you provided me with value info which permitted me to continue checking out different models and I believe that I was able to find the best one that I could find (at least locally).

    The Samsung HM3700, which I got at a very good sale price (I bought two, so to have a spare in case/or to share with other family members that all have Pre2s)... it's still quirky, but so far, the best one I have.

    I still find that once in a while it acts up, but overall, it's much more stable, stays connected and am able to get the voice dialing of the phone to kick in almost every time.

    Plus that it's one of those that come with stereo ear-buds that plug in (turning the earpiece into a dongle).

    The sound quality is probably the best in all the earpiece I have, it gives sound as the stereo is pushed together, which is hard to explain, but makes it sound great.

    And one thing I really am happy about... a physical sliding on/off switch.

    The only annoyance is how to check the battery level... holding two buttons and counting the blinks of the LED.. I wish it was like some other models I have that can simply tell you via a voice prompt.
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    I am looking to buy a bluetooth headset, because I got the job at which 80% of the time I spend in the car. Currently using one that I bought on eBay for a few dollars, and now is thinking to buy a better quality. So I searched and found this list of top 5
    1. Jawbone Era
    2. Plantronics Voyager Legend
    3. Blueant Q2
    4. Motorola CommandOne
    5. Jabra Supreme UC
    Best Bluetooth Headset
    and currently torn between these two first.

    I'm interested in right someone has experience with these headset?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    LG HBS700: Tone | LG USA

    i wear 'em all day, every day. they're invisible under a t-shirt, and you can wear both ear buds or just choose a single, either side.
    Another Tone user here and I've been very happy with mine paired to my Pre3. Sometimes I'll have to cycle bluetooth off and back on, but it works great and having stereo audio streaming is a nice bonus.

    the earbuds also have an almost earplug like effect, which I like for the outside sound deadening. Works out nicely for those trips to the datacenter

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