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    hi i have a palm pre 2 whit webos 2.2.4 and i wanna know if i can put a fully working version of android on it if not is there a way to get the android app on it or can i jailbreak it like an iphone an after hours of internet surfing the word homebrew came back a couple time is that a way to get more app ... anyway if somebodie can clear my head and tell me how to do it ill be thankful
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    There is no android for Pre 2 that I'm aware of. The Homebrew Apps, patches, etc are available through a centralized location called Preware.

    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals

    Of the methods in the Wiki, I favor using WOSQI as that is a severely useful piece of software in it's own right. (webOS Quick Install)

    Please consider purchasing the Preware Homebrew Documentation and WOSQI Homebrew Guide. Both are in the App Catalog, only cost $1 each and provide a lot of helpful info.

    Installing Preware really will open up a lot more functionality for your device.
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