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    How can I reply to a group message to all the recipients? My reply goes to just one person, and I can see everyone that's on the text message.

    Mails Lists and Multi-Message apps out in the app store require you to pre-load groups, right?

    Are there other apps out there that will allow me to simply Reply to All?
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    would like it too, but have not seen this inside an sms (textmessage) app as your phone does only know to whom you send the message but not if one of your reciepients replyed only to you or all others too.
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    Threaded text messages …
    webOS is simply fabulous

    TouchPad’s Virtual Keyboard Layouts:
    in isagar2004’s post:
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    gerzhwin: How do I get threaded text messaging on my Palm Pre 2? Is it on Preware?

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