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    Hello everyone,

    i am having trouble backing up my Pre2 with companion link 5/cl usb sync.

    I just pre-ordered a galaxy note 2 with verizon. i love my Pre2, but i had to switch and it reminds me of my beloved Treo 755p with the stylus. so i'm trying to backup all of my data to outlook.

    I followed the instructions and installed everything correctly. i clicked sync and it show it was sync'd successfully. there was the problem, all of the categories showed 0 items sync'd.

    I called companion link, they confirmed i followed the instructions and it seems to be a problem on the phone. after searching many forums online, i called hp/webos support. i'm not paying $14.99 to speak with a lady that barely speaks english and has probably never used a pre2 or any webos device in her life!

    I open the cl usb sync app on my phone and it shows 0 tasks, 0 memos, 0 everything.

    I have a gmail account and viewed my contacts online and there are only 20 numbers uploaded.... so that is a bad route...

    I looked at some contacts in my phone and and the ones that uploaded to google have the "g" symbol next to their names and the rest have the two blue arrows representing the palm profile backup. when i create a new contact, i have the option of selecting cl usb sync, google or palm profile next to their names. but i can't edit that feature on current contacts. no do i want to edit all of my many many contacts! lol

    even in the cl usb sync app it shows zero memos, but i have hundreds of them on my pre2. many from my old treo that i loaded onto my pre 2.

    has anyone else had these problems? does this even make any sense?? lol

    if this doesn't work, it leaves me with 2 options, retype every name, email address, etc into outlook to keep as master list and sync that to the note 2 or bust out my old 32 bit college laptop with half gig of ram and try syncing my phone back into palm desktop, then export the data into outlook somehow...

    why does this have to be so difficult??? hahaha
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    i tried to backup my pre2 onto my old laptop and it didn't work... but i did find all of my original data from my treo 755p. i remember now that i used the DTA (data transfer assistant) to upload the old data onto my Pre2, but looks like i am unable to backup my Pre2 with it now....

    i exported all of my old memos and contacts into *.csv files from the palm desktop on my old laptop and imported them into palm desktop on my new laptop. i printed and made a PDF of all of my old contacts that i'll print off at work. those contacts and memos make up most of the files i'm trying to backup, so adding the new ones by hand won't be as difficult and re-entering everything...

    unless someone knows something that i'm missing and can help me, i have about 480 contacts to check. i'll either fix and add the contacts in palm desktop and export them in to outlook, or just say screw it and manually enter all of them into outlook and sync that to my new phone. i have until november 27 until the galaxy note 2 gets shipped through verizon, so it might get it done.... LOL

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