Hey Everyone. I would really appreciate help on this. I meta doctored a Verizon palm pre2 into a franken pre a year ago. However that was real problem for me as I could not get past like 12% or 8%. So I just ended up using a Verizon Doctor and it worked for franken pre.

Now today I tried to do do a straight com board swap from my old franken pre to verizon pre 2, but couldn't log in to palm profile. Then did a by pass activation emergency call password, and got a Dr. skip first use and couldn't sign into profile. However, phone worked and I was on sprint network.

I thought maybe it didn't work because I didn't turn back up off. So I switched everything back. Dr skiped first use is still on Verizon pre signed into wifi and tried to erase back up and it still said I didn't have internet. even though that wasn't true. So I did full erase and it went back to activation. On my original franken pre it will not let me turn off back up no and says no internet even though I can do everything on internet download preware, text use phone etc.. Also I am not on wifi it says 3G. . Please help.... I really don't want to go through that meta doctor process again, things just didn't work like they were supposed to and I would just like to avoid that. Since I use this phone line, and don't want to have a long down time since things dont want to work for me.