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    Had a friends pre2 GSM and doctored it because of a text issue and some issues performance? . Doctored phone seemed fine for awhile but battery life started falling off a cliff on 2 batterys and text issue remained along with SLOW performance and some questionable sim card stuff.

    Phone was replaced with another pre2 and secure erase done to old phone.

    My question is ******* What condition is the OLD phone in now? I was intrested in doctoring it to make sure its loaded clean and good because the phone is for sale.

    Should I sell the phone now after the secure erase or should I work to doctor it because of the bad battery life, SLOW performance we were seeing????????????????
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    If you have the time, I'd run the doctor once again just to be sure. Otherwise, just sell as-is. As for the condition... 'used' <jk>
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    So did the phone reload 224 during the erase or did it just erase everything around the OS.

    Sure its used. I guess ill go ahead and doctor it again. Thanks.
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    Doctor it if any homebrew stuff was on there. Any data erase does not touch the rootfs, where the OS resides and also where patches are applied. By breaking modifications from the homebrew installation record, it makes it difficult for future owners to apply homebrew. The erases will only reformat the database, user data, logs, cache, and optionally the media partitions, but not the rootfs.

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