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    I'm fairly new to twitter and was curious on what apps you guys using?

    I'm currently using phnx.

    I think there are more TP apps but was looking for ones to use on my Pre2.

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    I use Bad Kitty on my Pre2
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    I use phnx as well.

    Project Macaw (homebrew version of phnx) is kinda cool too, has a few extras added in.
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    I like phnx. Yet, being somewhat new to twitter, I am unfamiliar with a lot of its functions and there is NO help or manual available for it.

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    Another one worth trying is Spaz. Only issue with Spaz is accidentally opening liks in tweets when scrolling.
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    I use phnx on my pre3 and veer but on the Touchpad there are more options

    Neo was just released and offers a level of customisation no other twitter app does. available in the app catalogue

    Spaz is good as well, but I prefer Project Macaw as my daily twitter driver.

    Also, social media aggregator Taurus is also pretty sweet and Incredible! (although not a straightforward twitter client) is also excellent.

    Tweetpad is another free one for the touchpad
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    How do you use Project Macaw in the Pre2?
    I thought it was only for my TP.

    Carbon was the best, but it's not supported anymore.
    I use phnx in my Pre2 and ProjectMacaw/Spaz in my TP.
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    Project Macaw is in Preware for both TP and Pre 2/3 (and maybe the Veer). Works just fine on the phones, the interface adjusts itself to the phone's screen.
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    I don't use my pre2 much anymore (damn you leo) but i recently doctored it and tweed starting working again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loiter View Post
    How do you use Project Macaw in the Pre2?
    I thought it was only for my TP.
    I installed Macaw on my Pre2 last night but my phone started acting up so I uninstalled it. I don't know for sure it was Macaw that started the weird stuff on the phone (mainly the phone started freezing) but I didn't take any chances and went back to phnx.
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    I also use Macaw on both FrankenPre 2 and TP
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    Proj. Macaw user here.
    Previously used phnx, but Project Macaw is pretty much a somewhat enhanced phnx with more customizability and close-boxes (for TP compatibility)
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    Did Twitter change it's interface? I use bad kitty on a pre3, but do not get any tweets displayed any more. Submitting tweets is still possible.

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    Carbon Black is the best hands down....I believe might no longer be in the App Cat

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    Been using project macaw for a long time on all devices, love it.

    Also have spaz, sparrow, neo, taurus, etc on my touchpad
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