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Could you paste your user agent here for the pre 3 please
Sure. My user agent string should now look something like this:

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; webOS/2.2.4; U; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.6 (KHTML like Gecko) webOSBrowser/221.56 Safari/534.6 Pre/3.0; iPhone; Safari/7534.48.3; AppleWebKit/534.46; Version/5.1; Mobile/9A334; CPUiPhoneOS5_0likeMacOSX

So now you can hunt me down like a frog... ;-)

I should really change US to GB.

Although having said that, I am thinking of changing it to an Android spoof because, of course, I can no longer see flash applets on sites. On some sites flash being suppressed is a blessing, but on others that do FLV video it's a pain and where there's an HTML5 video alternative it just seems to hang - that seems to be the case on the BBC site and here on webOS Nation, especially for the Monday Brief but I generally use my Touchpad for those. On many news sites I'm also constantly bugged to download their iphone apps, but I somehow suspect this would be the same with Android.